Best Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

Buying any sort of footwear for kids is difficult as their feet are constantly growing and sizing out of old pairs. The same goes for roller skates, but luckily, there are pairs meant for children with changing feet sizes. We rounded up some of the best adjustable roller skates for kids. These styles for boys and girls are equipped with an adjustable sizing function that allows you to make them fit smaller or larger as you need. They also include customizable laces and buckles so kids can find the right feel for their feet for years to come.

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1. Chicago Skates Quad Roller Skate

This skate has a high-top silhouette with a two-piece boot construction, padded collar, and nylon mesh inner boot for cooling effects.

Pros: This skate has a multi-adjust boot that grows with young feet and is equipped with traction and stability from the composite wheels and built-in toe brakes. Two micro ratchet buckles allow for secure fit.

Cons: The only come in small and medium sizes.

chicago skates

2. Roller Derby Trac Star Roller Skates

These skates come with a washable comfort padded liner and a thick padded tongue.

Pros: This lace-less skate is easy to use with adjustable buckles along with a push button to adjust the skate up to four shoe sizes. They come in a pink and green caged style as well as a white option adorned with pineapples. These come in sizes medium to large.

Cons: These run small.

roller derby skates

3. Infinity Skates Roller Skates

Infinity Skates provides a supportive high-cut boot.

Pros: These retro-style skates come in different colorways and fit both girls' and boys' feet; an internal hidden lever shifts to fit four different shoe sizes.

Cons: The lace-up style may be more difficult for young kids to tie. They only come in sizes medium and small.

infinity skates

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