The Best Wetsuit Booties for Women

Whether you’re off on a surfing expedition, diving deep in the ocean or just in need of a protective layer in the water, wetsuit booties are a must. These pieces of neoprene footwear cover feet and work to block out water and keep in warmth. Here, FN rounded up some of the best wetsuit booties for women you can buy. Not only are they designed for a lightweight feel and reliable protection, but also feature perks like split toe designs to reduce chafing and side zippers for easy-on and off access.

1. Mares Scuba Dive Boots

The shoes are a lightweight, low-cut style with a rubber non-slip sole.

Pros: The rubber soles featuring a tread design help keep the foot straps of scuba fins in place. They also offer grip when walking before dives.

Cons: These tend to run big.

mares wetsuit boots
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2. O'Neill Heat Split Toe Booties

The boots use a hook-like toe split to let toes splay naturally and to prevent chafing. They also have interior taped seams to reduce friction.

Pros: With a forefoot strap and an anti-flush shin strap, these booties should stay in place. 

Cons: They won’t completely seal out water.

o'neill wetsuit booties
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3. Cressi Neoprene Zipped Boots

A handy zipper full-length zipper makes these convenient to slip on and off.

Pros: These also feature rubber heels and toe caps for added strength.

Cons: These run big.

cressi wetsuit boots
CREDIT: Amazon

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