Best Toe Box Crease Preventers

For sneakerheads, keeping kicks in pristine condition is a top priority. Scuffs, tears and creases can cause pairs to wear down over time. Toe box crease preventers are a great solution to this. Typically made from hard plastic or soft, dense foam, these inserts slip into the front of shoes to prevent them from denting and creasing. Ahead, we selected the best options you can buy. Keep in mind that foam styles tend to offer more comfort if you want to use them while wearing your shoes, however certain plastic styles are also designed to create the same effects. Read on to shop them all.

1. Sneaker Shields Universal Toe Box Decreaser

This protector is made with durable, washable and non-absorbent materials that maintain its shape.

Pros: This compact model uses the brand’s extra-hard yet bendable design for maximum crease prevention. It can be used inside shoes while wearing them, although it may not be as comfortable as foam styles.

Cons: They fit a size 7 shoe and up.

sneaker shields toe box decreaser
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2. Crease Preventers by Shoe-Vital

These come with three pairs featuring a vertical nose design that completely fills the toe box.

Pros: They fit in most casual footwear styles including sneakers, dress shoes and leather styles. The curved shape is designed to prevent pinching your toes with wear.

Cons: The design may make tight shoes fit even tighter.

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3. ForceField Toe Box Crease Preventers

This cushy style should fit inside the toe box of most sneakers.

Pros: These are soft to keep sneakers comfortable during wear. Meanwhile, adhesive on this style keeps it from sliding and falling out of place.

Cons: The soft foam material can bend at times depending on the shoe.

forcefield toe box crease preventer
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4. Mudder Shoe Crease Protector

With six pairs of rubber and plastic protectors included, this set extends the lifespan of all of your sneakers.

Pros: Perforations throughout ensure ventilation with wear, while a softer top surface helps hold these in place inside the shoe.

Cons: They come a half shoe size larger than your true foot size.

mudder, shoe protector
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5. Dinamon Toe Box Crease Preventers

Get the long-term effects you’ve been looking for with this 1.5-millimeter style.

Pros: Subtle grooves across the top of this option keep it in place in the toe box of shoes for a slip-free fit. They offer a great fit inside Air Jordan kicks.

Cons: The spikes could prick the interior lining of shoes.

dinamon, shoe protector
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6. DS Armor Shoe Shields

Sturdy, washable and breathable, these are made to protect new shoes and restore old ones.

Pros: These shields can be trimmed to fit your unique pairs. Superior crack resistance makes these super durable, while a pre-notched design enhances comfort during wear.

Cons: The brand advises that for the best fit, you should remove your insoles before putting in these protectors.

ds armor, shoe protector
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7. Crease Beast Sneaker Guards

The breathable, thin and odorless material of this style is washable for easy use.

Pros: You can still comfortably wear your sneakers with this guard in place. You get two pairs of these of with your purchase.

Cons: You may still feel the protector rub against your toes while you walk.

crease, protector, shoe
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