Best Shoeshine Boxes

At times, trying to shine your own shoes becomes an arduous task as you try to balance it on the ground or counters without staining the surface with excess shine. Shoeshine boxes are an old-fashioned and reliable way to hold your shoes in place to shine with ease. The boxes consist of a wooden base that is usually hollow for storage with an attached angled footrest to place your shoe on. FN rounded up our favorite shoeshine boxes to buy now. From brands like Kiwi and Footmatters, these boxes come in different types of woods, either individually or in sets with included shines and brushes.

1. Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet

Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet comes with two Kiwi Select premium paste tins, two soft shine cloths, two sponge daubers, two Kiwi shoeshine brushes, one shoehorn and a wooden valet box with a foot pedal.

Pros: This all-inclusive kit comes with a state-of-the-art shoeshine box to serve as the base of your shoeshine needs. The box doubles as a container too for the included products for easy storage.

Cons: The wood is lighter weight than expected.

kiwi shoe shine box
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2. Footmatters Shoe Care Shine Box

Footmatters Shoe Care Shine Box includes a red cedarwood shoeshine box, two polish brushes, two shoeshine cloths, two small polish cloths, one black boot cream, one brown boot cream and two boot shine brushes.

Pros: This box is made from a lighter shade of cedarwood; the top slides out to reveal hidden storage space.

Cons: The box may not be able to store every single piece in the set.

footmatters shoe shine box
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3. Woodlore Professional-Style Shoe Valet

Woodlore Professional-Style Shoe Valet is made from 100% cedar and has a sliding top with bullet catch and built-in shoe support.

Pros: The light sanding on this box gives off an aromatic cedar smell to help mask the pungent smell of shoeshine cream. The footrest also doubles as a handle to slide open the box for easy usage.

Cons: The sliding top can get jammed at times.

woodlore shoe shine box
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