8 Handy Boot Trays to Prevent Muddy Messes and Dirt in Your Home

Winter brings with it some of the messiest months of the year. Downpours and snowstorms can leave you trekking home with wet, muddy and salt-stained soles, making it especially hard to keep floors pristine once you enter the door.

Thankfully, though, there’s an easy solution to your grimy-boot woes. Enter boot trays. These handy contraptions, which feature a protective lip around the rim, can be placed in your front entry or near the back door to store boots and keep weather-related dirt contained. They can even do double duty as litter box trays to catch cat litter and prevent pebbles from spreading. They’re also typically made of rubber or metal, requiring only a quick wash or wipe-down to get them clean.

For your convenience, we’ve rounded up a range of sturdy boot trays in all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty option for your mudroom or more compact style to accommodate a smaller space, there’s an option here for you. We’ve even picked both utilitarian and more ornate looks if you’re in the market for a slightly elevated aesthetic. On top of all that, many of them are top-rated (with hundreds of four- and five-star reviews), so you can feel particularly confident about your purchase.

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Shop them all below, available at Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond. And check out our roundup of shoe and boot dryers for quick-drying results when you need to run out the door.

Best Large Boot Trays

Good Directions Athens Multipurpose Boot Tray in Copper (31″ x 22″)

Not only does this option tuck neatly into a corner, but it’s also made of galvanized steel for extra durability. Complete with a stunning copper finish and geometric design on the base, it’s also quite stylish — perfect for storing boots or using as an art deco piece to house potted plants.

Good Directions Athens Multi-Purpose Shoe Tray for Boots in Copper (31
Good Directions Athens multipurpose boot tray.

Iron Gate Heavy-Duty Boot Tray (32″ x 16″)

Complete with vulcanized rubber and a more shallow construction, this mat tray style offers optimal traction to prevent any falls when you’re slipping into and out of boots.

Iron Gate Heavy Duty Boot Tray (32
Iron Gate heavy-duty boot tray.
CREDIT: Amazon

BirdRock Home Rubber Boot Tray (34″ x 14″)

Another chic option, this sizable tray offers a swirled design on the base. It’s made with sturdy yet flexible rubber and high sidewalls to keep water from sloshing outside. It is also large enough to fit up to four pairs of adult-sized shoes.

BirdRock Home Rubber Boot Tray
BirdRock home rubber boot tray.
CREDIT: Amazon

Best Medium Boot Trays

Ottomanson Multipurpose Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Tray (30″ x 15″)

This boot tray features midrise 1.2-inch sidewalls, heavy-duty rubber and a sleek crosshatch design for all-around versatility.

Ottomanson Multi-Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Tray
Ottomanson multipurpose boot tray.
CREDIT: Amazon

California Home Goods Boot Tray Mat (30″ x 15″)

Like the Ottomanson pick, this option features an intricate base design and 1.2-inch sidewalls but with an eco-friendly twist. It’s made of 100 percent recycled rubber.

California Home Goods Boot Tray Mat
California Home Goods boot tray mat.

Best Small Boot Trays

SafetyCare Heavy Duty Flexible Rubber Boot Tray (24″ x 16″)

Heavy-gauge flexible rubber helps keep this boot tray mat securely in place, while two sets of footprints add a unique touch.

SafetyCare Heavy Duty Flexible Rubber Boot Tray
SafetyCare heavy-duty flexible rubber boot tray.
CREDIT: Amazon

Stalwart 75-ST6013 All-Weather Boot Tray (20″ x 15″)

Able to fit up to two pairs of adult-sized boots, this hard black mat comes with a 1.3-inch lip to keep spills in check.

Stalwart 75-ST6013 All Weather Boot Tray
Stalwart 75-ST6013 boot tray.
CREDIT: Amazon

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