The Best Boot Storage Boxes for Saving Space

If you’re tired of fumbling through your wardrobe to find what boots to wear or simply want more storage, we might just have the solution for your — boot boxes. The best type for maintaining an organized closet space should be transparent for easy identification and designed to prevent unwanted elements from harming your shoes that are typically larger than average like ankle, knee-high and OTK styles.

With that in mind, FN compiled some of the top boxes on the market that allow you to see the contents inside and protect the footwear from debris. One of our picks is certain to accommodate your storing needs effortlessly. Scroll down to shop our selection of the best on Amazon.

1. Whitmor Clear Boot Box - Set of 2

Two durable plastic boxes are stackable to save room and are made to protect your favorite boots from dust, dirt and moisture.

Pros: These boxes simply unfold to store away when they're not in use. Built-in air holes help keep what's inside fresh. You can easily clean these by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Cons: They may not accommodate some over-the-knee styles.

Whitmor Clear Vue Boot Box
CREDIT: Amazon


2. Greenco Foldable Boot Storage Boxes - 5 Pack

Organize all your tall boots with these protective storage boxes featuring air holes for optimal ventilation.

Pros: They are lightweight and fit up to two styles, depending on their length.

Cons: Flexible plastic can cause these to collapse if you try to stack all five with heavy products on top of one another.

Greenco Clear Foldable Boot Storage Boxes-5 Pack
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3. Sterilite Large Clip Box - 6 Pack

These also have a modular design ideal for saving room in your closet and will prevent boots from accumulating dust or dirt.

Pros: Tight-clasping latches hold the lid on securely. Each box can hold several pairs of ankle boots.

Cons: These don't come with ventilation holes.

Sterilite Large Clip Box
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