7 Shapers That Will Keep Your Boots Looking Like New

Spring is just four short weeks away, and it’s time to think about putting away those puffer jackets and boots. With everyone tight for space these days, it’s essential to properly store our wardrobe items in order to maximize closet space and keep footwear looking like new. Since boots can be a major wardrobe investment, consider boot trees — a trick of the trade when it comes to storage solutions.

Ever open your closet only to find boots falling over one another, causing wrinkles and even cracks in the shafts? Adding a boot tree can help boots keep their natural shape and stand tall. These easy-to-use devices are also affordable, typically priced under $26.

That’s just the beginning. Many boot trees offer protection against moisture and mildew, available in cedar or natural cotton, while others simply allow air to circulate to guard against odors.

There are a range of boot trees available, all versatile enough to fit just about every style and shaft width. There are inflatable versions that can be adjusted to the height and width of a boot, while other versions are made of lightweight plastic that naturally expands when inserted into the boot for a customized fit.

For those on the go, boot shapers are cleverly designed in flat versions that can be rolled to fit the shape of the shaft, then packed in a suitcase or tote for the trip home.

1. Cedar Green Boot Shaper

These boot shapers help retain the look of your boots while also helping to eliminate mildew by reducing moisture. Cedar is also environmentally friendly and even repels moths to better protect your boots.

Cedar Green Boot Shaper
Cedar Green boot shaper.
CREDIT: Amazon

2. My Boot Trees Boot Shaper Stands

Add a pop of print to your closet with these practical yet pretty boot shapers. Made of cotton, they come with a tie-on wood tag for personalization. And they are made in the U.S.

My Boot Trees Boot Shaper Stands
My Boot Trees boot shaper stands.
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Onedone Folding Boot Shaper

It’s easy to organize your closet with these colorful boot shapers that are adjustable for ankle-high, calf and knee-high boots, keeping boots in a neat upright position.

Onedone folding boot shaper.
CREDIT: Amazon

4. Moneysworth & Best Deluxe Boot Shaper

These plastic boot shapers are lightweight and easy to transport from closet to closet. Plus they allow air to circulate for natural drying of moisture and perspiration.

Moneysworth & Best Deluxe Boot Shaper
Moneysworth & Best deluxe boot shaper.
CREDIT: Amazon

5. Dial Industries Boot Shaper Rack

A spring loaded mechanism keeps boots in their original shape while promoting air flow to aid in reducing odor. They easily adjust to a range of boot widths from traditional to wide-calf.

Dial Industries Boot Shaper Rack
Dial Industries boot shaper rack.
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Wonuu 5-Pair Inflatable Boot Holders

For today’s busy travelers, these lightweight boot holders are easily inflatable when on the go. Use them in your suitcase to protect your boots or when you’re at your destination.

Wonuu 5-Pair Inflatable Boot Holders
Wonuu 5-pair inflatable boot holders.
CREDIT: Amazon

7. Booti Boot Shaper

It’s all about versatility with this pack of four pairs of boot shapers. Their flexible design allows them to adapt to just about every boot shape by gently folding them to fit into the boot shaft. And they can be stored flat in a drawer when not in use.

Booti Boot Shaper
Booti boot shaper.
CREDIT: Amazon

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