Best Boot Shapers to Keep Your Shoes Looking Their Best

Both practical and the perfect accessories to polish off any outfit, beautiful boots often are investment pieces in your wardrobe. Along with finding items made of high-quality materials, storing these shoes is essential to keeping them in top shape. Boot shapers allow all of your pairs to stand upright — preventing them from folding over and creasing while lined up on the floor of your closet. They also help prevent boots from losing their shape and cracking around the ankle area. Here, we’ve rounded up some boot shapers to keep your pairs looking their best, from multifunctional plastic styles to cute foam options.

1. Household Essentials Boot Shaper

This product can be trimmed to fit any boot length, and the loop at the top allows you to easily remove the shaper. They can also be used flat to hang boots from a shoe tree.

Pros: These come as a set of eight to hold four pairs of boots.

Cons: Some users may find these are tough to cut to size.


2. Moneysworth & Best Deluxe Boot Shaper

The silhouette keeps your boots stiff while allowing air to circulate so foul odors don’t build up. To put them inside boots and take them out, simply press the sides together and voilà.

Pros: The shapers also come with built-in hangers, making them easy to store on a shoe tree.

Cons: The shapers could potentially scratch more delicate fabrics if you’re not careful when inserting them into your boots.


3. My Boot Trees Boot Shapers

These foam boot shapers are lightweight, breathable and machine-washable. They also come with bow accents and tags for writing your name or a sweet message.

Pros: What’s more, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Cons: They aren’t very tall.


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