Best Boot Scrubbers

Whether your job involves working outside or you’re simply leaving the house to run errands, the soles of your boots can easily get caked with dirt and mud ⁠in wet weather. A way to combat trekking sludge into the house is to use a boot scrubber; boot scrubbers are low-to-the-ground stands that use various types of bristles along the bottom and sides to clean off your footwear. For shopping made easy, we rounded up some of the best boot scrubbers on the market offering top-quality materials to help clean even the most caked-on layers of grime.

1. Mr. Boot Cleaner Boot Scraper

This stand mounts to almost any floor, including hardwood, and won’t budge. The lifted shape helps cleans all styles from the bottom up.

Pros: It’s made with a treated maple finish that will stand up to outdoor elements.

Cons: To mount, it requires drilling into the floor.

mr. boot cleaner boot scrubber
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2. JobSite Original Boot Scrubber

This sturdy unit is designed with a thick steel frame, all-weather plastic edges and strong, super coarse bristles on the sides and bottom.

Pros: It comes with four screws so you can easily mount it to just about any surface.

Cons: Some may find it a bit on the small side.

JobSite The Original Boot Scrubber
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3. Footmatters Natural Coir Boot Scrubber

This scrubber is crafted from strong and sustainable coconut fibers across its entire exterior. Plus, it won’t rot by being exposed to the elements.

Pros: It’s incredibly easy to keep clean by just shaking out, vacuuming or hosing it off.

Cons: The sides aren’t high enough to clean the shaft.

footmatts boot scrubber
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4. Umien Boot Scraper Brush

This model is unique in that it has non-slip side panels for resting your one foot on while you scrub the other boot in order to minimize mess.

Pros: The folding side flaps offer built-in traction, so there’s no need for mounting it.

Cons: Some may find it’s not as sturdy as others.

umien, boot scrubber
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5. Rhino Bilt Deluxe Boot Scraper

Designed with an extra-wide opening and effective five-brush system, this scrubber makes sure even your chunkiest shoes get cleaned.

Pros: The brand provides anchors and spikes for temporary or permanent mounting.

Cons: It may be harder to clean if you mount it permanently.

rhino bilt, boot scrubber
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6. Scrusher Boot and Shoe Cleaner

It’s easy to achieve a clean sweep of your feet with this durable, weather-resistant scrubber that comes with two screws for fuss-free mounting.

Pros: It features softer side bristles to prevent the risk of any damage to your pairs.

Cons: It may be smaller than other scrubbers.

scrusher, boot scrubber
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7. Carlisle Boot 'N Shoe Brush

This has a chrome-plated steel tube frame that sits off the ground and features holes to mount it. The bristles are made to resist stains and odors.

Pros: A hidden steel scraping bar below the brushes targets hardened mud.

Cons: The bolts for mounting are sold separately.

carlisle, boot scrubber
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