The Best Boot Jacks for Getting Your Shoes Off Without a Fuss

If you struggle with getting your boots off at the end of each day, a handy jack may just be your best bet. They pull off boots with ease when you simply place your heel in the jack’s U-shaped opening. There’s really nothing to it, but a good one should be sturdy and well made. To help you find the right one for your money, FN did some research and rounded up a few of the best options on the market made of solid plastic and wood. Each of our picks is built to accommodate a wide variety of shoe sizes and styles, from cowboy boots to rubber wellies.

1. Rocklin Industry Boot Jack

Built to last, this weatherproof boot jack is engineered with a hardened composite plastic core for strength and durability.

Pros: The textured footpad improves stability while the rubber lining prevents marks.

Cons: The bottom isn't padded so it may leave scratches on some floors.

Rocklin Industry Industrial Boot Jack
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Ariat Boot Jack

This jack is made of strong, durable stained wood and leather with padded edges to protect your boots from scratches.

Pros: The wood construction may make this style a bit sturdier than other options made of plastic.

Cons: It may be too small for some.


Ariat Unisex Boot Jack
CREDIT: Amazon

3. JobSite Premium Boot Puller

This model features heavy-duty plastic construction, a textured surface and grippy rubber bumper to prevent scuffs.

Pros: It's waterproof, UV-resistant, and designed to fit all styles of boots.

Cons: Some users may find this one to be too lightweight.

jobsite premium boot puller
CREDIT: Amazon

4. Southwestern Equine Boot Hunter

Also equipped with plastic and rubber construction, you can count on this jack to remove your boots easily, sans marks.

Pros: The rubber gripper comes in three different colors, bright orange, pink and turquoise.

Cons: Some may find it could be wider to fit certain boot styles.

Southwestern Equine Boot Hunter
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

5. M&F Western Boot Jack

Another wood option, this one features a decorative floral design and a soft faux suede mouth lining to prevent scuffing.

Pros: Leather pads on the bottom keep it from slipping around on slick floors.

Cons: Some may find it a bit bulky.

M&F Western Unisex Boot Jack
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

6. BootJack and Jill Boot Jack

Unlike the others on our list, this pine wood jack with leather boot guards also serves as a welcome sign.

Pros: It comes with a handy drawstring bag for convenient on the go use.

Cons: Some may find it a tad light.

BootJack and Jill Boot Jack
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

7. Ideal Products Boot Jack

This jack is also made of thick wood that should withstand years of use and accommodate a wide range of boot sizes.

Pros: The leather straps on the gripper won't leave scuff marks behind.

Cons: Some may wish it had a water-resistant coating.

Ideal Products Boot Jack
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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