Best Pre-Wraps to Use Under Athletic Tape and Bandages

No one likes the pain of ripping adhesive off your skin, especially when it’s as well-wrapped as athletic tape. Pre-wrap is a soft foam material that is used underneath athletic tape to provide a protective layer for skin and body hair so you can avoid this unwanted situation. It can be used on the feet, ankles, and knees as well as other joints to add a base for areas that need the support of athletic tape. FN rounded up our favorite pre-wraps you can buy now from brands like Mueller and Cramer.

1. Mueller MWrap Latex-Free Pre-Wrap

Mueller’s latex-free pre-wrap creates a protective barrier between skin and the athletic tape; it’s made from lightweight and ventilated foam under-wrap.

Pros: Coming in 16 different colors, this pre-wrap matches most jersey colors. It’s also offered as a pack of two.

Cons: Colors may appear different online than in person.

mueller pre-wrap
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2. Cramer Tape Underwrap

Cramer Tape Underwrap is a 21-yard roll of high-quality pre-wrap that will stretch and fold without ripping. It’s available in 10 neon colors to choose from for a fun twist.

Pros: Cramer’s pre-wrap can act as a patellar tendon strap under any sticky athletic tape for added comfort as well.

Cons: Pre-wrap is nonadhesive so it won’t stay in place without athletic tape over it.

cramer pre-wrap
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3. Hampton Adams Sports Wrap

Hampton Adams Triple Pack Sports Wrap uses anti-wrinkle material that is 100% latex-free.

Pros: The neutral tone of this wrap allows it to be an easy base for any color sports tape. The wrinkle-free material makes it easy to use without it bunching up or tearing as well. The wraps come as a pack of three.

Cons: Thinner than expected.

hampton adams pre-wrap
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