Best Headlamps for Running in Low Light

If you enjoy a jog before the sun rises or after it goes down at night, a headlamp can be extremely handy in ensuring your safety. You can hold a flashlight if you want, but there’s no denying a hands-free light will improve your run. With that in mind, we did some research and rounded up a few of the best headlamps on the market. Good ones should feel barely there, have soft straps that easily adjust and can tilt to provide light exactly where you need it. Let our top picks light the way on your next run.

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1. Foxelli Rechargeable Headlamp

This Foxelli 160-lumen LED model is ultralightweight at 2.4 ounces with an easily adjustable, ergonomically designed elastic headband for optimal comfort.

Pros: It doesn’t require batteries. You simply charge it using the included micro USB cable. One four-hour charge will provide 30 hours of light. It’s built to withstand heavy rain, dirt, snow and shock. It has five different light modes, including high, low, strobe and steady. Two separate buttons control whether the light is red or white. The body can tilt up to 60 degrees to focus on the ground in front of you. It comes in a variety of colors.

Cons: Some may find the beam a bit narrow.

Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp
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2. GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlight

GearLight makes its battery-powered headlamp with a 45-degree adjustable headlight. It comes in a pack of two.

Pros: This headlamp has a run time of up to 45 hours on low settings and three hours on high with seven lighting modes. The headband is removable, washable and adjustable, too.

Cons: Batteries are not included.

gearlight headlamp
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Soft Digits Headlamp Flashlight

This lightweight headlamp from Soft Digits recharges using USB and includes a 45-degree tilting head for easy adjustments. The on/off function is motion-activated using your hand, coming in a two-pack.

Pros: This lamp is equipped with eight modes of light that can project up to 1,640 feet, depending on the setting. The light is waterproof, snowproof, dirtproof and shockproof for ultimate wear during wet weather.

Cons: This product may not hold battery as well as others.

soft digits headlamp
CREDIT: Amazon

4. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Both waterproof and dustproof, Black Diamond’s headlamp is battery powered with a sit-flat design.

Pros: This headlamp includes red, green and blue single power LEDs for night vision with dimming and strobe settings; compared to white lights, these colors are less harsh for sensitive eyes in the dark. Light modes are changed through power tap technology so you don’t have to cycle through white light to get to the colors.

Cons: Because you have to cycle through the lights, it can take more time to get to the right setting and if you accidentally skip it, you have to cycle back through again.

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
CREDIT: Amazon

5. GoForWild Rechargeable Headlamps

GoForWild provides a two-pack of rechargeable headlamps with added SOS and strobe modes designed for safety.

Pros: With five lighting modes including intense white and red lights, this headlamp has a 45-degree rotating enclosure to help with clearer vision in the dark. To turn it on and off, simply wave your hand under the motion sensor mode. It has an adjustable ergonomically designed headband.

Cons: The beam of light is narrower than other products.

goforwild headlamps
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Tinmiu Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlights

Tinmiu’s headlamp recharges and offers five hours of high brightness on a full charge with a motion sensor power function.

Pros: Equipped with two types of beam angles, this pack of two headlamps also has six lighting and two lighting colors. It weighs only 2.5 ounces, the lightest out of the options listed here. It also has a battery indicator so you know when it’s running low.

Cons: The motion detection feature is sensitive and may turn the lamp on and off when you aren’t intending to.

tinmiu headlamp
CREDIT: Amazon

7. BioLite HeadLamp

BioLite’s rechargeable headlamp lasts for 40 hours with an easy-adjust clip to strap in.

Pros: This headlamp’s ultrathin 3D molded housing is made to sit flat on your forehead without bouncing or slipping as you run. The band uses moisture-wicking fabric to reduce sweat and has a smooth finish for no abrasion points. It comes in four colors.

Cons: The on/off controls may be small for bigger fingers.

biolite headlamp
CREDIT: Amazon
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