Exclusive: Shannon Decker Talks ‘The Titan Games,’ Meeting The Rock & Sneakers for the Gym

Personal trainer and model Shannon Decker is no stranger to TV, having appeared on the E! reality show “Hollywood Cycle” in 2015. And she’s back on TV tonight as a competitor on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s hit show, “The Titan Games.”

While the fitness fanatic cannot disclose how she did, Decker said she competed in the “Uprising” event and shared thoughts on the experience.

“It was so cool because everybody’s strengths are different, and I feel like this event lent itself to my strengths,” Decker told FN. “Although it was physically challenging, it was fun, I would do it again tomorrow.”

Aside from competing, Decker said a highlight was getting to meet The Rock.

“The Rock in person is exactly how he seems on social media: the kindest, funniest, realist, hardworking,” Decker said. “He was such a pleasure to be around.”

With yet another show under her belt, TV is a world she can’t get enough of.

“I love that every day is not the same. I have a huge amount of energy naturally, so I could not do the 9-to-5 office job — I would be too energized for everybody in the office,” Decker said. “I love that I could be on a lake shooting a commercial one day, surfing on the beaches of Malibu the next. The best part is never knowing what you’re going to do; it’s not monotonous.”

Shannon Decker Nike Air Huarache City
Shannon Decker in the Nike Air Huarache City.
CREDIT: Jesse de Young

For fans of her approach to fitness, Decker is prepping a free 21-day program for all to see on her website, Shannonshape.com, which she said will launch in the next couple of weeks.

And if you’re doing her workout or showing up to the gym to work out with her, you better not be wearing the incorrect footwear.

“I can’t stress how important it is. As a trainer, I’ve seen way too many people either limit their workout and because of their poor choice of footwear or injure themselves,” Decker said. “If you’re spending all this money [on the gym], giving all this time and effort, don’t hinder yourself because of a simple thing that’s easy to fix by getting the right shoes.”

When she’s running, she’s lacing up Adidas Ultra Boosts, and for HIIT workouts and boxing, she’s in a Nike Free Trainer silhouette.

After the gym, when she’s not putting her clients through rigorous workouts or getting a lift in herself, her go-to footwear looks include the Vans Sk8-Hi, Converse Chuck Taylors and black boots from Sam Edelman.

Decker’s episode of “The Titan Games” will air on NBC tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Shannon Decker Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc
Shannon Decker in the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc.
CREDIT: Jesse de Young

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