These Are the States That Love and Hate Crocs Shoes

Will it play in Peoria?

The fashion tastes of consumers around the world has been known to vary. And, it seems, the same holds true for customers around the U.S. — just ask Crocs.

The brand’s popularity was tracked from June 20 through July 20 by My Daily Dose, a product review site using trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data by, which showed the popularity of the brand across the country.

My Daily Dose tracked more than 31,900 tweets about Crocs across the U.S. The results showed the Classic Clog is the most popular in the middle of the country (Eastern Midwest and Mountain regions), while it was the least popular on the two coasts and in the South.

A query for Crocs and related hashtags was run in every state and the results were then mapped out.

Based on the findings, the 10 states that most favor the shoe are, in order of popularity: Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, New Hampshire, Alaska, Wyoming, Missouri, Iowa, South Carolina and Utah.

My Daily Dose said it decided to conduct the study due to the resurgence of the brand in the fashion world. Contributing to the buzz around the label are high-profile designers such as Balenciaga that have partnered on a series of styles and a recent collaboration with high-end retailers Barneys New York, while Crocs has also been utilizing brand ambassadors. Drew Barrymore is a past brand ambassador, while Zooey Deschanel has recently come on board.

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