LA-Based Designer Anine Bing Started Her Business in a Garage — Now She Has 11 Stores

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Anine Bing just celebrated her company’s seven-year anniversary. Since the launch, her eponymous Los Angeles-based label has grown exponentially to include 11 stores worldwide, nearly 100 employees and multiple categories, from shoes to lingerie. Bing, who started the brand out of garage, has no plans to slow down and credits her team for their success so far.

Here, she opened up on what it’s like to be at the helm and how she plans to support the next generation.

On the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you:
“We live in a world where everyone is constantly saying women can do it all, and I think women are amazing, but sometimes you just can’t do everything all the time. It’s important for younger generations to remember they are allowed to say no and take time for themselves to recharge. Sometimes it’s not healthy or the best choice to try to do everything and stretch yourself thin. It’s about focusing on what’s most important to you in that moment.”

On supporting the next generation:
“I really believe in using my platform and our company to build up other women. Anine Bing is run by incredible women of all ages who are figuring out how to speak to our customers in the best way. We are listening to our community to continue to improve and make adjustments to our business based on what real women want to see and I think that’s the way of the future. People want to be involved in our brand and I want our customers to feel like this is a safe space to ask for styling tips and talk about everything from motherhood to their daily uniforms.”

On overcoming resistance when working with men:
“We have many amazing men on our team who really champion the Anine Bing mission and help us create magic every day. For anyone that hasn’t understood our vision, from the beginning, I have learned that sometimes you have to trust your gut. There will always be people who don’t quite get what you’re trying to achieve or who will give advice you may not agree with, but at the end of the day you have to trust yourself and keep pushing for what you know to be right for your brand.

On a powerful leadership moment:
“Watching our team grow continues to remind me how important it is to remain present and set a good example. We have companywide meetings monthly, and every month the room gets more full and I am humbled by the amount of women and men who are showing up every day to help me execute this vision.”

Advice for women negotiating a salary increase or a promotion at work:
“As women, we have to make sure we don’t question our worth, even when someone isn’t treating us with as much value as they should. Women are capable of so much and shouldn’t be afraid to ask for something. Sometimes I think women aren’t as willing to speak up, but if you’re doing amazing things you should be able to have that conversation.

On the best decision she’s ever made:
“To have a family and raise my daughter and son. I get to set an example and teach my little girl that she can be anything she wants to be. I get to teach my son how to love women and respect them, and at the end of the day they both remind me of what’s most important.”

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