Allbirds Debuts Limited-Edition, Patterned High-Top Sneakers

Casual footwear brand Allbirds is continuing to expand its offering of styles that put the emphasis on comfort and sustainability. This time, however, the company is walking on the wild side with today’s debut of its first-ever series of patterned shoes.

The limited-edition collection includes a series of classic patterns — Houndstooth, Polkadots and Zigzag. Each is featured on the brand’s Tree Toppers style, an athletic-inspired style made from the fiber of the eucalyptus tree that features a naturally cooling effect.

Allbirds Zigzag Tree Toppers style.
CREDIT: Allbirds

The collection also features the brand’s SweetFoam™ soles, powered by Brazilian sugarcane for some enhanced cushioning. The Tree Topper is the first step in Allbirds plan to roll SweetFoam™ out to all its footwear. To increase impact, the company has open-sourced the carbon-negative EVA technology in SweetFoam, making it available to the rest of the footwear industry.

Allbirds Houndstooth Tree Toppers style.
CREDIT: Allbirds

The men’s and women’s styles retail for $115 and are available online and in Allbirds retail stores in New York and San Francisco.

The new release further expands the brand’s foray into footwear made from eucalyptus trees. Other styles include the Tree Runners, Tree Loungers, Tree Skippers and Tree Breezers. All are lightweight and versatile, making them an ideal travel shoe this season.

Did you know that Allbirds’ commitment to the environment even goes down to its choice of shoe laces, insoles and packaging. One recycled plastic bottle equals one pair of laces, while castor bean oil helps increase the natural content of its insoles. What’s more, packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard.

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