Allbirds’ New Quest for Comfort Video Game Will Have You Flying Through the ‘Land of Comfort’

Allbirds is inviting consumers to join the brand for some video game fun this fall.

The company has just launched its Quest for Comfort video game that centers around flying as far as possible, avoiding obstacles and collecting boosts. The brand’s mascot and resident hero, Peter, will travel through “The Land of Comfort” to gather eucalyptus leaves or boosts and avoid storm clouds in search of Trino, Allbirds’ new natural material that combines merino wool and eucalyptus fibers, a blend that’s used in a range of footwear styles in addition to socks.

As Peter soars along in his naturally powered, breezy eucalyptus vessel, the wind will flow through his soft merino coat.

According to Allbirds, his quest signifies the journey to create Trino.

Here’s how the game is played:

Players are always losing altitude. When they tap, their avatar rises. If they fall off the bottom of the screen, they’re done and the round is over. Players will fly forward automatically, so the only thing that you need to control is your altitude. Energy helps players stay aloft; players can lose a fraction of energy with every tap. Collect boosts to top up that energy. If players run out of energy, they’re headed for the bottom of the screen and the end of the game. The score will be measured by distance travelled.

The game will be accessible through Instagram posts and stories, and it will live in a web browser environment.

Allbirds offers a range of styles in its Trino material, including its Tree Toppers, Runners and Skippers.

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