This Is the Most Rapper Locksmith Has Ever Paid for a Pair of Sneakers

California-based rapper Locksmith is best known for his carefully crafted, thought-provoking lyrics. But the Bay Area denizen is also a low-key sneakerhead.

While in New York promoting his latest album, “Ali,” Locksmith discussed his love for Air Jordans and the amount of pairs he packs on tour.

Number of pairs:

“About 30 or 40.”

Brand mix:

“Basic stuff like Nike, Adidas, Converse.”

How I store my sneakers:

“I keep all the Nikes and Jordans on one level [in my closet], running shoes in one area and all the Adidas on one side. And I do organize it, like all the Jordan 1s, they’re at close hand because I wear them the most, and then I have the 3s and 4s.”

Most I’ve paid for a pair:

“I bought a pair of [Air Jordan 1] ‘Bred’ resale because I was performing at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and was like, ‘I’ve got to have some fresh sneakers.’ Normally I don’t pay resale, but I gave myself an excuse to. I think I paid like $500 for them online somewhere.”

Least expensive pair:

“[Converse] Chucks, lows and highs.”

Favorite pair of all time:

“‘Jordan 1 ‘Bred.’”

The number of pairs I tour with:

“No more than three. And even that’s a lot. I bring a pair of shoes I’m going to wear every day — preferably something that I could work out in, too, and a pair or two to perform in.”

Go-to shopping spots:

“Everything is online now. I’ll just Google what I want and see where it goes. But when I’m out in New York, I go to all the sneaker shops — Kith, Flight Club. In the Bay [Area], I don’t really buy sneakers; I usually just order it online. I used StockX once, and it worked out cool, and I use the Nike SNKRS app.”

Closet balance:

“Mostly sneakers, but I do have a few pairs of [Timberlands]. And I have a couple pairs of Chelsea boots if I have to step out.”

When not in sneakers:

“When am I not in sneakers? Probably Timbs — that’s the alternate.”

First sneaker memory:

“It was the Jordan 4, the ‘Varsity Red’ when they first came out in 1989. I wasn’t even into basketball yet. In junior high and high school, I was a hooper, but then I was just a little kid and was like, ‘I like these.’ I think sneakers actually got me into basketball. Then I got the Jordan 5 with the reflective tongue, and by that time, I was a [Michael] Jordan fan, I was playing basketball. They started to become more expensive too, so I had to make a deal with my mom: I had to get four or five As on my report card and she would buy them.”

Sneakerhead’s closet I’d like to raid:

“DJ Clark Kent. I met Clark in about 2009 — it was my first or second time in New York, and I asked him where I can get sneakers.”

Favorite shoe to perform in:

“Air Jordan 1.”

Best sneaker of today:

“The new shoe I like the most is the [Nike Air Max] 270. It looks different; I like the big bubble. And the [Nike] VaporMax, I like the way that looks.”

Pair I need now:

“I really want those [Nike Air] Fear of Gods. Those and the Shoot Around ones.

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