Music Industry Exec Gabriela Schwartz Explains Why She Traded Heels for Sneakers

Gabriela Schwartz has helped launch the careers of the most fashionable music stars today, such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber. She’s also got serious style of her own.

The music industry veteran, who’s current role is SVP of global marketing at Capitol Music Group, is an admitted sneakerhead with a stellar collection of classics. And she rarely puts on a pair of heels.

Here, Schwartz reveals her go-to kicks and the high-end shoes she wears on special occasions.

NUMBER OF PAIRS: “I have to actually count everything, but I think about 30.”

CLOSET BALANCE: “I would say at this point I’m 75% sneakers and 25% sandals and heels. I’ve really retired my heels at this point. If I bring them out, it’s on a very special occasion. I’m pretty tall, so when I rock a heel it’s a thing, especially living in L.A.”

WHEN I’M NOT IN SNEAKERS: “I’m in a slide, probably my Adidas slides.”

GO-TO BRANDS AND STYLES: “For sneakers, definitely Nike and Adidas. I’m a big Air Jordan girl. I’m old school in that respect. And I love the [Nike] Cortez. When I moved to L.A. a couple years ago, I really got into them, so I have a good amount of those. I also love an Adidas Gazelle in classic black. I also just got into Gianvito Rossi.”

STANDOUT SHOES: “I would say my Air Jordan 1 ‘Royals’ and ‘Breds.’ Those are my two favorite sneakers. And on the heels side, I would say a Saint Laurent T-strap heel.”

PAIR I’LL NEVER GET RID OF:“My Jordan ‘Royals.’ I’ve had them forever.”

ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOE: “Probably a classic black Manolo Blahnik pump.”

FIRST SNEAKER MEMORY: “I’ve been wearing sneakers forever. When I was a little girl I’d wear Ponys, really old school. Growing up in Puerto Rico I played a lot of tennis. I used to wear Prince sneakers then, too, while playing.”

CELEBS WHO HAVE THE BEST SHOE STYLE: “Rihanna always. P.J. Tucker’s sneaker collection is fire. Aleali May’s game is tight too.”

MUSIC STAR’S CLOSET I’D LIKE TO RAID: “Rihanna. She’s got amazing style, always has.”

BEST PLACES TO BUY SHOES: “GOAT, Flight Club online and the New York or L.A. stores, Alife in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Nice Kicks in downtown L.A. has a good variety — especially of Jordans — [and] Undefeated.”

MOST I’VE EVER PAID FOR A PAIR: “I would prefer to not disclose [the pair because it was] probably more than I should have, but over $1,000.”

LEAST I’VE EVER PAID: “Under $30, for anything from a flip-flop to a sneaker.”

FAVORITE TREND OF TODAY: “I’m definitely all about athleisure. It’s really nice for women to be able to look casual and comfortable and add all of our feminine touches. I rock a lot of Adidas. I’ve been wearing a lot of the collaborations between Alexander Wang — they’re chunky sneakers but they’re fun to wear.”

MY EVERYDAY LOOK: “A T-shirt, high-waisted pencil skirt and either a Jordan or a Cortez sneaker.”

SNEAKERS I WON’T BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: “Probably Keds — they’re not my jam.”

TODAY’S MUST-HAVE STYLES: “Everyone needs a good pair of Jordans, probably a Converse Chuck Taylor low-top or high-top [and] maybe a classic Reebok.”

PAIR I NEED TO BUY RIGHT NOW: “I’ve really been ogling this crimson pair of Jordans, the [Aleali May] Air Jordan 6 [and] Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1 collaboration as well.”

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