Media Personality Scottie Beam Professes Her Love for Jordans and Supporting Collabs Designed by Women

Scottie Beam is a multihyphenate talent and has built a strong following through her work in radio, podcasting and more. And whatever she’s doing, she’s dressed to the nines — and is always rocking show-stopping sneakers sneakers on her feet.

The Hot 97 and Revolt TV “State of the Culture” alum is a fan of Nike and Jordan Brand, often lacing up classics from the companies. Although most of the time she’s in the Swoosh or a ’90s Air Jordan, you can also catch her in Asics and Puma — but not a pair of heels.

Here, the media personality talks stylists trying to get her in heels, her love for a pair of Air Jordan 11s and her mom spoiling her with kicks growing up.

NUMBER OF PAIRS: “I’m going to confidently say 125, and I only have three pairs of heels and a boot. Most of them are sneakers.”

WHEN I’M NOT IN SNEAKERS: “I wear [them] every single day. [If not], it must be an event that requires heels.”

GO-TO BRANDS: “I’m a Nike fan, been one for a long time. From their aesthetic, logo and collabs, they haven’t steered me wrong. There have been some trifling ones but I trust them the most.”

UNEXPECTED BRANDS I WEAR: “Asics, I wear those, and Puma. I’ve never been a Puma person until recently.”

STANDOUT SHOES: “My pink snakeskin [Jordan] 11s, the Comme des Garçons x [Nike] Shox are fire, the Serena [Williams] x Off-White x [Nike] Air Max 97s and the Olivia Kim x Air Max 98s.”

ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOE: “Snakeskin [Jordan] 11s in pink. They hold sentimental value to me. They got me into sneakers.”

FIRST SNEAKER MEMORY: “Me begging my mom for the Jordan 11 snakeskin low in pink in like 2001. My mom spoiled me, but she wouldn’t tell me. I’d be bad in school or whatever and she’d be like, ‘No, absolutely not,’ and eventually there would be a box in my room. Then she’d say ‘Don’t ask me for nothing else.’ I’d ask her for another pair in like a month.”

A PAIR I’LL NEVER GET RID OF: “I will not be getting rid of my [Air Jordan 11] ‘Space Jams’ even though my dog has chewed them to pieces.”

SNEAKER-WEARING RULES: “Please, in Jesus’ name, Uptowns [Nike Air Force 1s] are dope — everybody should own a pair — but please don’t wear them dirty. When they’re dirty let them go. It’s fine.”

STYLE IDOLS: “A Tribe Called Quest, Teyana Taylor and Serena — she’s an idol for me, period, but as far as style I’m liking her choices when she’s playing.”

A MUSIC STAR’S CLOSET I’D LIKE TO RAID: “Teyana Taylor. She has everything, from the clothes to the sneakers. No one is seeing her, man or woman. And Wale’s [closet] I’d like to raid if we were the same size.”

FAVORITE TREND OF TODAY: “Seeing more women collab with sneaker brands and me being able to support and buy the sneaker. It’s inspiring because that’s something I want to do in the near future — have my own sneaker.”

DREAM SHOE: “I would love to design my own Jordan 1 and 5. I would play with some materials that I haven’t had or bought before. And I’m a big solid fan. I love solid colors. There aren’t enough midsole-matching-the-sneaker sneakers.”

TODAY’S MUST-HAVE STYLE: “Those Nike Reacts, any of the Reacts. Give them a chance.”

A PAIR PEOPLE WOULDN’T EXPECT ME TO WANT: “I want Starburys. I remember when they came out they were affordable and I appreciated that.”

STYLING ASSISTANCE: “I’ve worked with stylists a few times and they’re great people, but they don’t focus on sneakers. They try to get me into heels. It’s hard for them because they like a heel look. My fight is to continue to wear sneakers on these platforms because there aren’t a lot of women who are given the license to sit with sneakers and do what they do. It is style, it is fashion — if you do it right.”

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