Woman’s Nike Slides ‘Shrunk’ in the Sun in Hilarious Photo That’s Breaking the Internet

A tweet about Nike sandals that “shrunk” in the sun blew up the Twitterverse, racking up nearly 405,000 likes and 92,000 retweets.

For user @Autumn_Kamrie, who saw her Nike slides at a much smaller size than usual on Thursday, said she was confused as the adult size 9 women’s sandal looked like it fit a child. “As I’m getting into my car I see these little ass shoes in my backseat,” she explained, attaching a photo. “I’m thinking whose damn kids been in my car???? So I look at the shoe and it’s a mf size 9. THE SUN SHRUNK MY SLIDES🤬FML.”

The Nike Benassi slides were disproportionate as the strap covering the midfoot, featuring a pebbled upper and large Nike Swoosh logo, was cartoonishly larger than the footbed; her heels dangled off by around 2 inches. The sandals retail for $50 on Amazon.

Another users said she had a similar experience with her Crocs, also attaching a photo. “Same thing happened to my crocs!!” tweeted @cierrajamaewall.

Nike Benassi slides, sandals, black, white swoosh
Nike Benassi slides.
CREDIT: Courtesy

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