Askale Merachi Sets Women’s LA Marathon Course Record Time, Elisha Barno Wins on Men’s End

The results are in from the Los Angeles Marathon — and it was by no means an easy contest as Elisha Barno and Askale Merachi claimed the top spots in the men’s and women’s contests, respectively.

Barno’s race was the more dramatic of the two, coming down to the final stretch as just barely outran fellow Kenyan John Korir (Barno’s time was 2:11:45.52, while Korir came in at 2:11:52.29). Mexican runner Juan Luis Barrios notched the third place slot (2:11.59.45).

Kenya’s Weldon Kirui recorded wins at the LA Marathon in both 2017 and 2018 —  and he sought to become the first to win three titles at the annual event. Kirui came up short today, however, posting a time of 2:13:24.11 for a fifth place finish. He was forced in turn to pass his title over to Barno.

While women’s winner Merachi created more separation between herself and the other contestants, her race was not without its share of excitement: The Ethiopian athlete set a new course record with her time of 2:24:11. Cynthia Jerop and Lucy Karimi, both of Kenya, took the second and third spots, ending the day with times of 2:25:54.41 and 2:26:15.42, respectively.

Posting a time of 1:31:47.67, Joshua Cassidy won the men’s wheelchair race;  Katrina Gerhard came in first in this year’s women’s wheelchair contest, ending with a time of 1:56:22.03.

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