Harvard Runner Wins Race Barefoot After Losing Shoe — and His Foot Now Looks Horrifying

Harvard runner Kieran Tuntivate lost one of his shoes during the 3K race at the Ivy League Indoor Championships in Cambridge, Mass., on Saturday after just the first lap. And despite a nasty, torn-up foot, the senior managed to win two races.

Tuntivate, who is known as one of the best collegiate distance runners in the Northeast, told the Harvard Crimson: “When the shoe came off, I was really flustered for a lap or two — I knew I wouldn’t run well if I let it get to my head. I took a few deep breaths and just settled in and tried to keep with the pace.”

After winning the first race, Crimson’s trainer told Tuntivate to walk on crutches and that the following day’s race was most-likely out of the question. However, the star runner won that one as well.

Earlier this week, Tuntivate took to Instagram to share a photo from the race as well as a gruesome snap of what happened to his foot as a result of his shoe falling off. “Things don’t always go to plan,” he captioned the post before adding, “p.s. if anyone has seen the rest of my toe pls let me know.”

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