3 Easy Ways to Get in Shape, According to Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke knows what it takes to get in shape. The fitness guru and Skechers ambassador has her own lifestyle app, Brooke Burke Body, which she developed to help users work out anytime, anywhere.

“I’m always choreographing new content,” she said at FN Platform in Las Vegas this week. The TV host made an appearance with Skechers, showing off the brand’s spring ’20 retro-inspired apparel. “I love dressing the part but also I love the content and getting specific on body parts. It’s very visual,” she added about her app.

Here, Burke gives three essential tips for those looking to become their best selves.

Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke at FN Platform 2019, wearing Skeckers.

1. Make yourself a priority.

Schedule workouts in advance so they are more likely to get done, she explained. “I like to knock mine out top of the morning.”

2. Be stronger than your excuses.

She said, “Just get it done. We are worthy, we matter. It’s all possible.” In Brooke Burke Body, users have the ability to choose from five to eight to 12-minute workouts, which she designed purposely for women on the go.

3. Something is better than nothing.

“You can set reasonable goals. The more you work out the better you feel and the better you feel the more you work out. It’s an infectious process,” she said.

Watch on FN:

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