Alrighty Then: This ‘Ace Ventura’ Sneaker May Be the Funniest Collab Ever

Movie-themed collaborations aren’t new. Retailer Extra Butter has been doing them for years, and Reebok is set to deliver the Alien Stomper once again for the 40th anniversary of “Alien,” for example. But the upcoming Ewing Athletics release, in collaboration with sneaker customizer Dan “Mache” Gamache, may be the funniest one to hit stores.

Arriving early next month is an iteration of the Ewing Athletics 33 Hi inspired by the classic Jim Carrey movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” which turns 25 this year. Ewing Athletics and Mache confirmed that the look is Mache’s first sneaker collaboration produced with a brand (something the customizer said took 17 years to accomplish).

“If you’re gonna give a customizer a shoe, you can’t just do a colorway; you’ve got to do something crazy, and I felt like ‘Ace Ventura’ resonates with my childhood,” Mache said revealing the shoe on Instagram.

The sneaker is executed with a floral print pattern. It also boasts the business card Carrey’s character is holding on the movie poster on the tongue and Mache’s signature on the upper.

Aside from the sneaker, Ewing Athletics confirmed on Instagram that a limited apparel collection will also be available consisting of a jacket and shorts.

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