Twitter Is Going Crazy Over Video on 12 Ways to Lace a Pair of Stan Smiths

Tying your shoes is something that most people have been able to do since they can remember; it’s a simple task using a basic method — at least it was until this video went viral.

Twitter user Kitt Bob shared a video on Sunday of a shoe similar to an Adidas Stan Smith sneaker being laced up in 12 ways, captioning it: “I’ve been doing it wrong all my life.”

Since Sunday, the post has been retweeted almost 235,000 times, with 743,000 likes. The two-minute video has already over 12 million views.

The clip demonstrates how tying your sneakers normally is a thing of the past. One method takes rainbow laces and brings them up each side separately to tie together in a big bow in the center of the shoe.

Another technique uses just one lace taken from top to bottom instead of bottom to top and then tucks the end away behind the tongue of the sneaker.

Since the Tweet’s explosion on the trending charts, other users have attempted to replicate the styles and are responding to the complicated video with their own comedic takes.

One user, Shane Berketa, shared an image of himself wearing socks with flip flops, saying: “If anyone needs this in slow mo just let me know . . . .”

Wendy Lloyd posted her failed attempt at knotting her sneakers differently, captioning her image: “That went well.”

Watch FN’s cover shoot video with Stan Smith below.

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