Sergio Rossi Brings Its Factory to Milan Fashion Week, Unveils ‘Sergio’ Collection

Since Sergio Rossi relaunched in 2016, the label has shown its collections in many grand venues across Milan, including a historic theater, a 17th-century library and a breathtaking church.

But for its fall ‘19 presentation at Milan Fashion Week today, the Italian heritage brand wanted to create a more personal atmosphere that showcased its made-in-Italy craftsmanship.

Sergio Rossi teamed up with artist Gary Card, who transformed the brand’s showroom into a modern and refined shoe factory — complete with 6,000 shoeboxes, real lasts and a soundtrack straight from the factory floor.

sergio rossi, fall 2019, mfw
The atmosphere at the Sergio Rossi presentation.
CREDIT: Sergio Rossi

“When I arrived here, the main focus was to establish the factory as the center of this project,” said CEO Riccardo Sciutto. (The brand now produces nearly 300,000 pairs of shoes annually in its San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, factory.)

The creative backdrop was used to launch the new “Sergio” collection, which features modern graphic styles and complements the core Sr1 collection — which now accounts for 60 percent of the business — and the SrMilano line.

sergio rossi, milan fashion week, fall 2019
A striped pump from the latest Sergio Rossi collection.
CREDIT: Sergio Rossi

“I am proud to introduce a new chapter with Sergio, a collection dedicated to the modern woman of today,” Sciutto said. “It represents another step forward for the brand and its greatest strength — being dynamic and unafraid of evolving yet always staying true to its DNA.

sergio rossi fall 2019 boots
Sergio Rossi fall ’19 boots.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sergio Rossi

The Sergio shoes takes cues from a geometric archival Sergio Rossi logo, which is splashed across the floor and walls of the Milan showroom.

Pointed toes and chunky heels are the foundation of the new line.

Retro patchwork stripes in nappa, laminated leather and crystal mesh — which take inspiration from colorful tracksuits from the 1980s and 1990s — are incorporated in over-the-knee and knee-high boots, as well as pumps and booties.

sergio rossi, fall 2019, milan fashion week, booties
Boots from the latest Sergio Rossi collection.
CREDIT: Sergio Rossi

Sneakers — which are already a rapidly growing category in the SR1 collection — are definitively in the spotlight throughout the Sergio collection.

The Extreme sneaker style features an on-trend chunky sole, and it comes embellished with the collection’s sporty signature stripes or adorned with interchangeable ruffles that can be customized. Maxi ruffles also are a highlight in several boot styles, which are created through a complicated production process.

Sergio Rossi, fall 2019, sneakers, milan fashion week
Sergio Rossi fall ’19 sneakers.
CREDIT: Sergio Rossi

“If you don’t have your own factory — and 99 percent of luxury shoe brands don’t — you can’t do this in the way we do,” Sciutto said.

While Sergio Rossi spent much of the afternoon showing the new collection to press and buyers, it also is opening its showroom to top customers tonight in an effort to make Fashion Week more inclusive and accessible.

“They’re all going to be placing orders — I’m sure of it,” Sciutto said. A special selection of the new collection will also be available on the brand’s website starting tomorrow.

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