How Sandra Choi Is Taking Jimmy Choo in a Fresh Direction

Sandra Choi has big ambitions to take Jimmy Choo to “another level” under new owner Michael Kors, and her latest pre-fall range illustrated how she is beginning to reshape her vision for the label.

She started by working closely with the younger members of her design team, in order to start looking at Jimmy Choo’s signature glamour through a new, more current lens.

“We were still looking at the same references, whether it’s a classic pump or a ’90s stiletto. But I wanted the team to take it all in and bring it out again with a new spin, because this is a whole new generation,” said Choi during a breakfast she hosted to present the new range.

“I’ve realized that 20 years ago, my thinking about fashion was so different. So I made a commitment to get the team to actually think about: What does the brand look like from a 20-something-year-old’s point of view? This is the benchmark we used to reinterpret the Jimmy Choo glamour.”

JJimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2019
Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2019
CREDIT: Courtesy Photo

The result was a fun, colorful range filled with some lower heel heights, modernist flat sandals — and since this was a collection focused on a younger perspective, sneakers made an appearance, too.

“Never would I have imagined that we’d have a set of trainers [in the collection], but that’s where fashion, or part of fashion, is at the moment. You can’t ignore that,” added Choi, whose take on the sneaker involved logo soles, bright cobalt blue shades and mesh cut-out fabrics. “I saw it as a blend between the strappy sandal and the sneaker.”

Other highlights included a range of mesh pointed-toe pumps featuring curved mid-heels, color-block stilettos in bold, ’90s-inspired shades of bright yellow and pink, and crystal-embellished Mary Jane flats.

There was also a new take on the brand’s handbag offer, with Choi adding sleek bucket bag styles into the mix, that had a more contemporary feel. They came in classic, tan shades and featured a sculptured gold buckle, shaped as an upside-down C, subtly referring to the brand’s name.

“We are developing a stronger look into accessories, bags and sunglasses. We really want to grow our bag offer and stand behind it in a more substantial way,” added Choi.

Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2019
Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2019
CREDIT: Courtesy Photo

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