Raven-Symoné on Why She’s Confident Being ‘Every Size Under the Sun’ & the Only Pair of Heels She Owns

Raven-Symoné has learned a thing or two about being comfortable in her own skin.

The actress, whose been gracing TV screens and magazine covers since 1989 (she’s just 33 years old), has shouldered all of the pains and perks of public life. And the journey has taught her invaluable lessons about self-worth and embracing her body as it changes throughout life’s stages.

“I’ve been every size: I’ve been a 2 and I’ve been an 18 [and a] 14,” the multihyphenate entertainer told FN when the publication caught up with her this week at WWDMagic in Las Vegas. “And each step of the game, I’ve been happy, and I’ve been sad. At my skinniest, I was like, ‘I’m hungry,’ and at my biggest, I was like, ‘It doesn’t fit.’ I’ve been all the feelings.”

Raven-Symone at WWDMagic at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Feb. 6.
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Digesting scrutiny about her weight over the years steered Symoné toward a viable solution — one that has benefits for her as well as her fans: “Having to go out into the public and being every size under the sun, I had to find something within me that makes me happy,” she explained. “While I’m learning to love my body, I’m also sharing that love for my body with other people, and hopefully, when they find that love, they encourage me when I see them.”

She added, “It’s a back-and-forth thing — give and take.”

For Symoné, an early step toward embracing her figure came when she took the reins of making her own wardrobe choices several years ago.

“I wanted to do it because I never got the chance to express myself other than as Raven-Symoné on TV,” the star of Disney’s “Raven’s Home” — a reboot of her beloved series “That’s So Raven” — explained. “There came a point when I was so tired of not looking like I felt and having to put on for a particular [event or situation]. Now that I have taken that power over, when I do have to come to those same situations, I want to be myself — heightened.”

When it comes to her fashion choices, the themes of comfort and confidence also ring true for Symoné — who self-identifies as a reformed high-heel lover.

“For shoes, Dr. Martens are a staple, [and] Uggs are a staple — because I can paint both of them, and I’m always painting shoes,” she said. “[Right now], I only have one pair of heels, and they’re the wedges that are sneaker heels. I don’t even know the brand.”

Raven-Symone at WWDMagic at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Feb. 6.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

But if ever there comes a time for Symoné to expand her high-heeled footwear collection again, she knows exactly where she’ll go: “I love Yves Saint Laurent. I’ll forever love Yves Saint Laurent. So when I decide — [because I have to] decide — I want to put on a heel, it will be Yves Saint Laurent.”

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