The Campiest Runway Looks for the 2019 Met Gala’s Biggest Stars

Pairing the Met Gala’s red carpet stars with big-name designers is fashion’s ultimate high-stakes game. Here, FN picks its fantasy wish list matching the evening’s key celebs to the campiest looks on the runways for fall ’19 and couture spring ’20.

Lady Gaga

Even if she weren’t one of the evening’s co-chairs, Gaga would no doubt be at her usual center of attention. After taking herself very seriously during awards season, one of Viktor & Rolf’s couture gowns would show off some campy self-deprecation. If only the gown didn’t hide the platforms she’s highly likely to wear.

met, gala, 2019, lady, gaga, camp, looks
Viktor & Rolf’s couture spring ’20 gown for Lady Gaga.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Harry Styles

As another co-chair of the evening alongside creative director Alessandro Michele, it’s likely that the singer will be wearing Gucci. Styles’s fondness for zany suits pairs well with this exaggerated silhouette from the fall ’19 collection, complete with elastic hems over loafer boots. Bonus points for the spike mask.

met, gala, 2019, harry, styles, gucci, camp
A campy suit-and-mask look from Gucci fall ’19 for Harry Styles.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Serena Williams

The tennis star isn’t afraid to challenge the dress codes of her sport, and she proved it when she donned a periwinkle tutu-style leotard (designed by Virgil Abloh for Off-White) on the court at last year’s U.S. Open. Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi’s tulle confections make a similar statement about feminine dressing (the emerging designer is also included in the exhibition). And it would take an even campier turn if she left her Nikes on.

met, gala, 2019, serena, williams, nike, tomo, koizumi, camp
A tulle frock from Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi for Serena Williams.
CREDIT: Shutterstock


The high priestess of the Met Gala (quite literally, last year) is so effortlessly chic that even her campiest looks are nonchalant. She could do the same with Valentino’s all-encompassing floral concoction, a gown with a high degree of difficulty.

met, gala, 2019, rihanna, camp, valentino
A Valentino couture frock for Rihanna.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP’s past Met Gala appearances have had some of the most memorable headpieces of all time. The actress would need to go above and beyond (like, sky-high) to achieve any context on past headgear, but she could also opt for Balmain’s spring ’20 couture minidress with bulbous accents, paired with her own SJP Collection sparklers. And there’s room for a spare pair in the shoulders.

met, gala, 2019, sarah, jessica, parker, camp, headdress
A Balmain couture spring ’20 bulbous minidress for Sarah Jessica Parker.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Katy Perry

If Cher is the Queen of Camp, Katy Perry is the heir to the throne. Whatever she wears will be outright theatrical, but to see her in the TV-dinner dress from friend and frequent collaborator Jeremy Scott’s fall ’19 collection for Moschino would truly be a camp dream come true.

met, gala, 2019, katy, perry, camp, moschino
Moschino’s fall ’19 TV-dinner dress for Katy Perry
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

The sexy couple has shown that they’re determined to keep their sense of humor. What better way to prove this than with his-and-hers harnesses from Versace fall ’19? Reynolds is one of the few male sex symbols who doesn’t take himself too seriously — imagine his own commentary on the trompe l’oeil T-shirt and sneaker combo. And the Italian brand’s silk gown can easily accommodate Lively’s baby bump.

met, gala, 2019, blake, lively, ryan, reynolds, camp, versace
His-and-hers harness looks from Versace fall ’19 for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Bradley Cooper

The actor is committed to his craft, having reportedly spent nearly a year to train his voice for the gravelly Jackson Maine in “A Star is Born.” He could show that he is just as serious about the Met Gala by swapping his traditional tux for a gender-bending version (with the most inventive spectators and knee socks) from Thom Browne fall ’19.

met, gala, 2019, camp, bradley, cooper, thom, browne
A Thom Browne interpretation of a tuxedo for Bradley Cooper.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The power duo’s red carpet affinity for Tom Ford is already a quasi-camp act. So why not keep going with a couple’s ensemble from the designer’s fall ’19 co-ed runway show, with a fur Mad Hatter-like topper (very J-Lo circa 2004) and velvet peep-toe platforms for her, and an extra-shiny (don’t forget the turtleneck) for him?

met, gala, 2019, j-lo, a-rod, camp, tom, ford
His-and-hers Tom Ford for J-Lo and A-Rod.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Lupita Nyong’o

The usually prim and proper actress has been trying edgier looks as of late, experimenting with colored contacts and Balmain’s studs. A Wednesday-Addams-cum-Riot-Grrrl look from Prada’s fall ’19 collection with tricked-out combat sneaker-boots would be just the antidote to her usual etherealism.

met, gala, 2019, lupita, nyongo, prada
A Prada tough-girl look for Lupita Nyong’o.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jared Leto

We know the actor-singer is a muse to Gucci’s Michele, but instead of rocking some expected floral suits for the evening, Leto might consider lending his pretty androgyny to buzzy menswear brand Palomo Spain (another emerging designer to be included in the exhibition). Leto could pull off a pair of bow-accented heels with aplomb.

met, gala, 2019, jared, leto, camp
A gender-bending look from Palomo Spain for Jared Leto.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

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