Olivia Palermo Shares the Secrets to How She Pulls Off Some of Her Boldest Looks

As part of our FN Style Influencer video series, we chat with street style star Olivia Palermo at the iconic Carlyle Hotel in the Upper East Side about how she pulls off some of her most daring ensembles. On set for FN’s Sept. 2, 2019 cover and just in time for the start of spring 2020 shows at New York Fashion Week, she breaks down the secrets to her widely photographed bold sartorial choices.

“I really do find that with patterns, in general, it’s really important to just kind of play with it in the mirror — play with the different textures — because you’ll be pleasantly surprised,” she said. 

And when it comes to shoes, the New Yorker and former reality TV star noted, “I love heels, and I love flats — you definitely need both. Heels, of course, I love with a trouser, usually above the ankle. It tends to elongate my own silhouette, personally. But everybody has their own proportions that work best for them.”

Watch the video above for the full conversation.

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