Kylie Jenner Unboxes Mini Adidas Falcons and Yeezys for Daughter Stormi

Adidas ambassador Kylie Jenner took to Instagram this morning to capture a series of unboxings for her daughter, Stormi Webster.

Jenner posted three videos for her fans, and one showed an Adidas box designated especially for her baby girl.

Adidas, Kylie Jenner, unboxing, adidas, Stormi Webster
Kylie Jenner's Instagram story featured a custom Adidas package for baby Stormi.
CREDIT: Kylie Jenner's Instagram story

She made the announcement on her social media platforms, a tactic which is frequently used by the Gen-Z entrepreneur who regularly takes to her accounts to post releases of her beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics.

The video showed Stormi’s new infant-sized Adidas Falcons along with what appears to be apparel.

Adidas, Kylie Jenner, unboxing, adidas, Stormi Webster
Inside the Adidas box.
CREDIT: Kylie Jenner's Instagram story

The beauty mogul previously had a million-dollar deal with Puma, which ended after two years. She now joins family members Kendall Jenner as well as Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, who also have close ties with the athletic company.

The youngest Jenner-Kardashian also posted a photo of mini Yeezy Boost 350s on her Instagram, giving her fans the ultimate “awwh” moment.

 Kylie Jenner, unboxing, adidas, Stormi Webster, Yeezy Boosts 350
Stormi’s new Yeezys.
CREDIT: Kylie Jenner's Instagram story

Baby Stormi has been amping up her mini-wardrobe lately. It was only last week that Jenner posted a photo of her daughter  strutting around in gold sandals and a mini Birkin bag on Instagram.

See Kylie Jenner in her Adidas campaign.

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