New Balance-Obsessed Rap Star Jack Harlow Talks Favorite Pairs and Sneakers You’ll Never See Him Wear

Kentucky-based rap star Jack Harlow knows a thing or two about New Balance.

The “Thru the Night” hitmaker is an admitted diehard fan of sneakers from the athletic brand, and regardless if he’s on stage or in the studio, a pair of New Balances are on his feet. Although he’s obsessed with looks from the Boston-based company, he does stray from NB here and there for a pair of Starburys or the iconic Timberland 6-Inch boot.

Here, the artist talks his favorite pairs, the styles he needs to add to his collection and the shoes he’ll never be caught in.

NUMBER OF PAIRS: “I’ve probably got 40 or 50 pairs of shoes.”

CLOSET BALANCE: “It’s all New Balances, a pair of Starburys and a pair of [Timberlands].”

WHEN I’M NOT IN SNEAKERS: “Nothing. Butt naked.”

GO-TO BRANDS: “I’m a New Balance guy. Nothing else. I’m trying to get that big check.”

STANDOUT SHOES: “I just got these boots that are part of [New Balance’s] Tokyo Design [Studio] with Snow Peak — I have the navy blue boots. I’m going to be wearing those on my tour look- ing like a mountaineer. I’m going to wear those with a navy blue [outfit]. Those are showstoppers right there.”

PAIR I’LL NEVER GET RID OF: “I like the Eat x New Balance 990v4 collab a lot. Every time I wear them out I get a nice comment on them. If someone’s from the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia area] they notice them and I know how big New Balance is out there.”

ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOE: “Gray [New Balance] 990. They’re classic, [and] with any casual out- fit, it’s going to look fire. I can wear them with anything. I like having things that can be the foundational part of an outfit that I can travel with and throw on with anything.”

MOST I’VE EVER PAID FOR A PAIR: “Maybe $300. I can’t remember for what. I just remember that’s the highest I’ve paid for some New Balances.”

LEAST I’VE EVER PAID: “I got my Starburys for like $30.”

MY EVERYDAY STYLE: “I dress pretty comfortably. I like dressing in the winter because of the layers. I’m looking forward to wearing jackets and hoodies. I like wearing cargo pants. I’m still in the space of finding my style right now. I don’t have a signature yet. I’m still discovering how I want to dress.”

SNEAKERS I WON’T BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: “I don’t like any of those designer shoes with spikes or studs on them.”

PAIR I NEED TO BUY RIGHT NOW: “I want the Stray Rats x New Balance [990v3] collab — the purple and green.”

NUMBER OF PAIRS I TAKE ON TOUR: “I like to have five or six pairs with me, at most. I try to get in the space of foundational shoes that can do a lot. I’m not going to wear something that’s a specific color that’s not going to go with everything.”

FAVORITE SHOES TO PERFORM IN: “990s in any color. You tie those up and you can run track in them so I’m definitely going to be good to jump around.”

STYLING ASSISTANCE: “I’m open to working with stylists, but for the most part I dress myself.”

STYLE IDOLS: “Pharrell is fly. I really like how he dresses, he puts things together real nice. And Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky.”

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