Cardi B Surprises Fans at the Revolve Festival Coachella Party With Blue Hair and Pink Chanel Sneakers

Cardi B took over Coachella 2019 on Sunday when she hit the stage with her hubby, Offset, for the final song of his set at Revolve’s festival party.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper surprised the audience with her appearance while modeling a colorful designer look. She showed off her legs in a blue, beige and orange Louis Vuitton outfit paired with Chanel interlocking-C logo sneakers in shades of pink.

cardi b, louis vuitton, chanel, offset, coachella revolve party
Cardi B and Offset both wear bold sneakers at Revolve’s Coachella party on Sunday.
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The nearly $1,000 style constructed with nylon, lambskin and suede features a classic lace-up silhouette and a chunky coral sole. The 26-year-old “Please Me” rapper took to Instagram to show off her ensemble for the event. “LV🎀CC,” she captioned a post, referencing the designers she’s sporting.

chanel sneakers, cardi b
Cardi B wearing nylon, lambskin and suede Chanel logo sneakers in different shades of pink.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

She further accessorized with oversized silver hoop earrings and a coral quilted Chanel logo bag. Cardi also made a statement with her hair, wearing it in two brightly-colored bows at the top of her head. Meanwhile, Offset wore a pair of shimmery iridescent silver sneakers with a bulky sole.

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