Would You Pay $1,000 for Gucci’s New ‘Dirty’ Sneakers? Twitter Has Plenty to Say About Them

Gucci has released new distressed sneaker styles for spring ’19, and people have some strong opinions about them.

The Screener shoes feature classic elements from the brand: green and red stripes, and “Gucci” imprinted on the back. The kicker of these sneakers, though, is that they’re made to look dirty but come with a high price tag.

gucci, Screener leather sneaker, dirty sneaker
The men’s Screener leather sneaker from Gucci.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Gucci

The brand describes the style as “treated for an allover distressed effect” and is selling four different versions, two for men and two for women.

Previously, the vintage-inspired look was mocked on social media when Gucci released the “dirty” shoes as part of its cruise ’19 collection, but now they’re available in new silhouettes and design treatments.

The women’s Screener Strawberry sneaker retails for $980, while the version with cherries costs $1,250. For men’s, the Screener leather sneaker is $870, and the GG high-top retails for $930.

Still, the Twitterverse wasn’t impressed with the offering, creating a torrent of comment about the designer kicks. One user, Danny Casolin, described them as: “Fashion in all it’s glory and stupidity.”

User Sid Balachandran called out the “shoe care” for the Screeners, which ironically says to use “only neutral or same-color products to avoid staining.”

One user, Julie Marcus, made a joke saying she is just going to “let the ones I already have get dirty and tell y’all it’s exclusive.”

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