UPS Inks New Partnership to Make B2B E-Commerce a Smoother Experience

One of the biggest challenges to a successful e-commerce strategy is being able to provide fast and efficient delivery of product; this is no different for a business-to-business company. To combat this, UPS has partnered with e-commerce technology firm Inxeption to launch Inxeption Zippy, a platform integration that helps businesses sell and distribute products across online channels.

B2B companies have traditionally been slower to adopt new technologies than consumer-facing businesses — and e-commerce is no different. Yet market research company Forrester projects the B2B e-commerce market to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, making it an important revenue stream for companies to pay attention to.

“The growth of e-commerce is driving shoe manufacturers to expect the same fast and convenient shopping experiences when dealing with their suppliers that consumers enjoy when buying their products online,” said Nick Basford, VP of global retail and e-commerce strategy at UPS.

By partnering with UPS, Inxeption aims to provide an end-to-end solution for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. The integration will give merchants access to competitive UPS global shipping, tracking and logistics services, in addition to the suite of sales and management tools provided by Inxeption.

The new integration builds upon Inxeption’s existing platform, which helps B2B companies list, promote and sell their products. Capabilities range from scheduling orders to conducting search engine marketing and reviewing sales analytics. The decision to offer trusted shipping through UPS reflects Inxeption’s commitment to security; the company uses blockchain technology to keep sensitive information, such as contract-specific pricing, private between buyer and seller.

“We’re revolutionizing B2B e-commerce and bringing companies and their customers together online in a trusted manner,” said Farzad Dibachi, CEO of Inxeption. “This relationship creates simplified pricing solutions for B2B merchants with limited digital marketing and IT resources to easily manage all aspects of selling and shipping from one secure place.”

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