Rothy’s Reduces Waste, Improves Communication With Centric Software and Apps

The proliferation of direct-to-consumer footwear and apparel companies has also led to the emergence of technologies that can help these businesses scale up.

One of them is Centric Software.

The company partnered with Rothy’s, known for its emphasis on sustainability and closed-loop production. Rothy’s said it will use Centric SMB, a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for emerging enterprises.

“It’s organized chaos,” said Lauren Taflinger, director of production at Rothy’s. “We own and operate our factory in China, where most communication happens on WeChat, and our San Francisco team uses email and Dropbox to share files with the China team. We had a close call with the accidental deletion of a shared folder, and we realized we needed a more secure and central resource where people could access up-to-date information.”

Through Centric SMB, brands can communicate in real time between both internal departments and any external manufacturing networks or production partners. Product specifications and sourcing information are centralized within one platform and accessible globally. A management function tracks materials usage across each stage of production, enabling brands to detect possible waste and optimize inventory — this is a growing area of focus for brands aiming to minimize environmental impact.

In addition to the PLM software, Rothy’s will also implement three Centric mobile apps: Capture It, Inspiration and Sample Review. A digitally native brand, Rothy’s will be able to use mobile access to assign images to products, edit sample information and collate sources of inspiration within the Centric system.

“There’s a great sense of comfort in having one place for product data and a digital workspace where we can collaborate faster, streamline communication, save time spent searching for information and analyze our progress,” said Taflinger.

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