This New Technology Integration Helps Footwear Firms Offer More Personalization

As consumers begin to demand more curated shopping experiences both on- and offline, retailers are aiming to boost levels of personalization. But to do that well, they first need to know who the customer is.

In a bid to help retailers and brands scale up those personalization efforts, marketing software platforms BounceX and Emarsys this week launched a technology integration that more readily identifies online visitors.

“Merchants know that personalization matters; it’s in the stats,” said AJ Nelson, VP of strategic alliances and growth initiatives at BounceX. “In fact, when personalized, email sees a 24-times lift in performance in terms of revenue per send. But these retailers can’t do it without identification.”

Changes to internet browsers have allowed users to disable or delete cookies, the data that records a consumer’s online movement and keeps them logged in to websites. Shoppers also now have more mobile devices for browsing, which also can make tracking return customers difficult. Combined with the increase in shopping options, retailers have fewer opportunities to capture a visitor’s information and tailor shopping experiences accordingly.

Emarsys is a marketing technology platform that helps retailers implement specific strategies in a matter of days, not weeks. Users can select a track that suits their goal, such as “win back inactive customer” or “post-purchase cross sell,” adjust it as needed and then activate. Tactics available include tailored recommendations, abandoned cart prompts and discount alerts — but they need the initial contact information in order to put these tools into action.

“To bring those personalized experiences, there’s the hope for an authentication to happen such as a login,” said Nelson. “Something that allows the dots to be connected from on- to offline behavior. What our technology does is it builds a bigger audience of known users.”

Using its proprietary technology, BounceX identifies customers who have visited a retailer before and syncs with the Emarsys platform to inform a retailer’s future marketing campaigns. For users that can’t be identified, BounceX tracks the consumer’s journeys and triggers prompts to share contact information. They may be asked to save their cart before leaving the site or be offered a coupon code for a relevant occasion.

BounceX reported that its integration with marketing clouds like Emarsys has resulted in a 463% increase in emails captured and an 11-times lift in triggered email revenue; this results in BounceX triggered emails accounting for an average increase of 7.5% in total digital revenue for retailers.

BounceX customers include footwear brands Clarks, Kenneth Cole, Greats and Sole Society.

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