UK Amazon Prime Users Warned of Costly Phone Scam

If a call comes in about Amazon Prime membership renewal, be wary: It’s probably not real.

British consumers are being warned of a phone scam that involves criminals impersonating Amazon customer service representatives — with the goal of draining call recipients’ accounts.

The scam begins with a call saying the recipient’s Amazon Prime membership has been renewed and that 39 pounds have been taken from their bank account. To cancel the charge, call recipients are told to press “1” on their keypad. But hitting the button could cost a lot more than 39 pounds because it connects to a premium rate number, where a scam artist will try to gather sensitive financial information.

One elderly woman was reportedly scammed out of 25,000 pounds in September, according to The Guardian. However, some consumers took to social media to warn others they’d received a call from an Amazon imposter or to confirm the call was illegitimate.

@AmazonHelp My house just got a prerecorded phone call supposedly from Amazon Prime claiming they were going to deduct £39 from my account. I’m 99% sure it’s a scam but is there anyone available to check my account? I can’t give much detail because a family member answered.,” @SMthegamer1 tweeted.

“@amazon just to let you know I received a scam call in the uk from phone number 01258682248 claiming to be amazon prime,” read another post.

@Pcnotchtree tweeted out the advice: If you receive an automated phone call purporting to be from Amazon Prime offering renewal for £39.99, hang up immediately, do not press any buttons. It is of course a scam.”

On the Amazon.co.uk site, the company explains that “e-mails/calls from Amazon will never ask you for personal information.”

“If you receive a suspicious phone call claiming to be from Amazon and asking for payment or offering a refund you do not expect, please do not share any personal information, and disconnect immediately,” the e-tailer advises on its site.

FN has reached out to Amazon for further comment.

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