Zappos Launches ‘Goods for Good’ Sustainable & Charitable Shopping Platform

Zappos has created a new platform for customers seeking purpose-driven product.

Called Goods for Goods, the curated experience features items from over 150 brands, all of which promote meaningful causes.

The Goods for Good platform includes products in five categories: Recycled, Organic, Sustainably Certified, Vegan and Give Back.

“We know for our customers [that] every purchase matters and they’re passionate about investing in products that contribute to a greater good,” said Steven Bautista, head of charitable giving. “We want to ensure the best service and shopping experience possible, so we’ve made it fast and easy for them to view all relevant products at once and learn about each brand’s purpose.”

The platform highlights the individual stories and purposes of the brands such as Native Shoes, which upcycles its shoes into playground equipment, and Veja, which makes its sneakers via sustainably sourced leather.

Research shows that consumers — particularly millennials and Generation Zers — have sustainability on the brain when shopping, and they’re even willing to shell out extra cash for items that fit the bill.

In a January survey by information technology firm CGS, more than a third of respondents said they were willing to pay 25% more than original price for eco-friendly items. Almost 70% of respondents age 18 and up said sustainability was an important factor for them in making purchases, with 68% of Gen Zers surveyed saying they’d made an eco-conscious purchase in the past year.

Shop the curated selection at Zappos.com/e/goods-for-goods.

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