5 Allegations Rihanna Made Against Her Father In Her Fenty Trademark Lawsuit

Rihanna is suing her father, Ronald Fenty, for $75 million. Under dispute? Their last name.

The singer, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, filed the complaint Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against her dad and his business partner, Moses Joktan Perkins, alleging that the pair misappropriated her “Fenty” trademark in a “fraudulent effort to solicit millions of dollars from unsuspecting third parties.”

Rihanna, of course, holds a wide array of trademark rights associated with her portfolio of Fenty brands, including federal registrations for “Fenty,” “Fenty Beauty” and “Fenty By Rihanna.” (Two of the Barbados-born star’s affiliated companies, Roraj Trade LLC and Combermere Entertainment Properties, are also named as plaintiffs in the suit.)

Here are five allegations made in the complaint, which includes claims of federal trademark infringement and false advertising, among others:

Formed a Business & Misrepresented its Ties to the Singer

1. Rihanna’s father and Perkins started a company called Fenty Entertainment, LLC in 2017, and allegedly misrepresented their affiliation with Rihanna in order to generate business. “Although Mr. Fenty is Rihanna’s father, he does not have, and never has had, authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf, nor has he ever been authorized to use her name, intellectual property or publicity rights,” reads the complaint.

Solicited Offers for Rihanna’s Services

2. The talent and production company solicited “offers for Rihanna’s services,” procured “performance engagements” signed agreements with promoters and sought payment for these services all without Rihanna’s authorization or agreement.

Made Rihanna References on Social Media

3. The company’s website and social media profiles, along with Perkins’ personal social media profile, included references to Rihanna and her Fenty trademark.

Was Mulling Boutique Hotels, Resorts

4. The pair tried to register the “Fenty” mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in connection with “resort hotel services” in Aug. 2018, though the suit contends that their true intent was to “mislead the public” into believing that they were affiliated with Rihanna and that the singer would “sponsor or approve” their use of the mark in connection with boutique hotels.

Ignored Multiple Cease & Desist Letters

5. Her father and Perkins ignored multiple cease and desist letters sent by Rihanna’s lawyers, the first of which was dated March 30, 2018. The singer’s manager also emailed Perkins directly asking him to stop misrepresenting the company’s ties. “Defendants are aware that their conduct is unauthorized and that their statements are false, and they have been repeatedly told to stop. Accordingly, Defendants’ misrepresentations are made with actual malice,” reads the complaint. (This isn’t the first time the singer’s camp has sent cease and desist letters in recent months: in November, she sent one to President Donald Trump after getting wind that his team played one of her songs at a political rally.)

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