What’s Selling: Corral, Ariat and Anderson Bean Are Summer’s Western Boot Hits

Here’s what topped the list of hot sellers at Western boutiques this week.

Blake Abbott, general manager, Allens, Boots Austin, Texas

Top Three Brands:

Allens Boots “Our private label Allens brand. We’ve been able to identify who our customer is and put together an assortment that speaks to them using vibrant colors. We do our own manufacturing out of Leon, Mexico, and are able to put out high-quality boots with lots of stitching and embroidery at a competitive price.”

Lucchese “It’s a storied Texas brand that’s been around since 1883. It’s the most elevated at the highest price points, with all handmade constructions.”

Corral “They’re the loudest. They have studs, inlays and ornate designs.

Not Selling: “In the last couple of years, equestrian-inspired boots had been doing well, but it seems that it has slowed down a bit.”

Top Trends: “Right now, the most popular silhouette is the botine, a short bootie style for women.”

Mike Hugues, operations manager, Tener’s Western Oufitters, Oklahoma City, Okla.   

Top Three Brands:

Justin “They do a good job of offering a variety of styles and materials at price points for any consumer. They have something for everyone, even the guy who wants to wear the same boot he’s been wearing since 1980. It also taps into niche markets such as the music scene and dime store cowboys.”

Ariat “They’re infusing a lot of technology and comfort. They’re high performance, and have a wide array of styles.”

Anderson Bean “They’re a niche market, all handcrafted in the U.S. They don’t offer a wide array of stock styles,but can do anything custom you dream up. We design styles unique to our company.”

Not selling: “A round toe was a standard for years, but the square toe has now changed that.”

Top Trends: “Unique skins and exotic leathers. That seems to move the needle more so than traditional cowhide. Also trending is fish skin such as pirarucu or arapaima.”

Joe Reeves, assistant manager, Big Time Boots, Nashville, Tenn.

Top Three Brands:

Ariat “It’s a lower price point brand, predominantly manufactured overseas, with some styles made in Mexico. Due to their price point and name recognition, they’re very big. And, they’re also very comfortable.”

Corral “They have a great variety of color and shine, different heights and pretty much anything to go with any outfit. Some are more neutral, while some are more outfit-specific. They have hundreds of models at any given time. They’re good-looking boots.”

Denver “They make a high-quality boot and have great exotic skins at a lower price point than boots that are handmade in Texas. They’re also starting to come into the shiny stuff to compete with Corral and doing a good job of it.”

Not Selling: “This summer, higher-end men’s boots are [selling] less than in previous years . The smart-buying men folk are holding on to their pennies waiting on the recession.’’

Top Trends: “A lot of ladies who have a boot collection going are getting their third boot. Since they already have black and brown, they’re now getting funky with a red gator boot or something with some shine. We have a mint and copper style from Corral, and while it doesn’t sell to everybody, when it does you know she has an outfit [for it].”

Jake Hobson, boot department head, Western Ways, Forest, Va.

Top Three Brands:

Ariat “They’re a large brand for us for both clothing and boots. Comfort-wise, they tend to be popular. They also do a lot of advertising and therefore are always in the forefront of peoples’ minds. A lot of people tend to request Ariat more so than anything else. They have a good product for the price.”

Anderson Bean “They have a good price point and they are U.S. sourced. All their parts and pieces are from domestic manufacturers.”

Corral “They own their own exotic tannery and six or seven factories in Mexico and produce lots of boots with styles and designs. Their pricing tends to be lower than almost anyone else for a similar quality item with a similar level of design.”

Not Selling: “The traditional cowboy boot with the medium-round toe is one of the slowest. Right now, it’s big, wide square toes.”

Top Trends: “For us, men’s is big, but that comes in cycles.”

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