What’s Selling: See Kai Run and Plae Are Top Sellers at Children’s Shoe Stores

What’s selling at children’s stores this week? Here, five key retailers weigh in on winning brands and top trends and talk about what’s not moving.

Susan Coffman, owner, Lonnie Young Shoes, Nashville, Tenn.

Top Three Brands:

Livie & Luca: “It’s about the quality. We’re selling mostly girls’ styles.”

See Kai Run: “A good style for boys is the Stevie [sneaker].”

Footmates: “We’re selling the girls’ t-strap style that comes in navy, red and white.”

Not selling: “Even though we’re having hot weather, we’re still selling boots. Across the board it’s fashionable and functional styles.”

Top trends: “People are getting basic shoes, not flashy. They’re going for what [coordinates] with everything, instead of having a pair of shoes for each outfit.”

Anthony Fauci, co-owner, Run-in Wild Shoes, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Top Three Brands:

Old Soles: “It’s a brand from Australia. They’re gorgeous, casual leather sneakers for boys and girls.”

Nina: “Fashion sneakers and cowboy boots. Cowboy boots fly out of here.”

Plae: “They’re consistent [sellers]. Everyone is wearing sneakers.”

Top Trends: “See Kai Run and Naturino also do well. We carry everything — Florsheim, Jungle Mocs, Mary Janes, fashion boots. But, it’s consistently sneakers [that sell].”


Bridget Bostrom, owner, Hopscotch Kids, Bend, Ore.

Top Three Brands:

Plae: “For back-to-school, it’s a good athletic shoe. They’re durable. They also have a new waterproof tennis shoe, since it gets snowy here in Oregon.”

Bogs: “Since we [already] got some snow, people are coming in for winter [product].”

See Kai Run: “The snow boots do well.”

Top Trends: “Rose gold is huge. People are liking it, as well as metallics. For fashion boots, people like suedes and metallics.”

Not Selling: “Moms and dads want functionality, but also [something] cute. For example, there’s a Plae shoe that’s waterproof, [detailed] in pinks and purples. You can dress it up and down. We’re [located] in more of an outdoor kind of town, so kids [also] want something that’s really comfortable.”

Clifton Mobley, VP, Mobley’s Shoes, Raleigh, N.C.

Top Three Brands:

See Kai Run: “[Parents] like the functionality of the casual, crossover styles that go from playground to dress-up.”

Livie & Luca: “Metallics are selling in the Mary Jane styles. Parents see the value in the line, [retailing] at about $50.”

Footmates: “There’s been an uptick in the brand, which is seeing a resurgence. We’re selling the classic Sherry T-strap sandal in navy blue.”

Not Selling: “Light-up product. There’s an oversaturation. It’s everywhere.”

Top Trends: “Functional shoes where people can see more than one use. Leather product has also picked up due to the cooler weather, including Mary Janes and low booties. [Consumers] see more value in leather product and are willing to pay higher price points from $50 to $60.”

Margot Wasserman, GM and buyer, Tip Top Kids, New York

Top Three  Brands: 
Nike: “Nike looks amazing for kids. The Air Force 1 has been great.”
Adidas: “Adidas has been strong with sales in the Stan Smith. White sneakers seem to be selling all year. Sneakers keep trending up and up–everyone is wearing them.”
Naturino: “Naturino has been awesome. We sell a ton of infants’, girls’ and boys’ styles ranging from school shoes, to fashion and  boots, and everything in between.”
Not selling:  “Dressy styles have not been as strong. Everyone is much more casual these days. We’re still selling dress shoes, but not as robust as the casual department.”
Top Trends: “Sneakers galore. White has been strong, but really across the board, it’s all about sneakers. Fashion sneakers as well, especially from Steve Madden have been trending.”

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