Most Relevant Brands Survey Shows Amazon Dominates Retail, Nike Wins at Apparel Among US Consumers

The 2019 Prophet Brand Index confirmed what we already know: Americans rely on Amazon.

Prophet, a San Francisco-based consultancy, canvassed 13,500 U.S. consumers, asking about 225 brands in 27 categories. Amazon ranked as the No. 7 most-relevant brand overall among consumers surveyed, nabbing the No. 1 spot in the Retail sector.

They company devised four categories that account for brand relevance: Customer Obsessed, Distinctively Inspired, Ruthlessly Pragmatic and Pervasively Innovative. Amazon ranked No. 1 in the Ruthlessly Pragmatic category, which measures how much consumers depend on a company.

As brick-and-mortar retail woes continue, it’s no surprise that Amazon was the No. 1 retailer. The e-commerce giant came off a strong Prime Day in July and posted a revenue increase of 20% to $63.4 billion for Q2. The company is currently on a hiring tear, with a goal of filling around 30,000 positions by early 2020.

In the apparel category, Nike ranked No. 1, in part due to high ratings (70% or higher) for customer obsession and trustworthiness.

Prophet’s rankings for Nike and Amazon align with the results of an August report on the World’s Healthiest Brands from YouGov, which put both companies in the top 10. It placed Amazon at No. 6 and Nike at No. 8.

Overall, tech brands dominated the Prophet index, accounting for 58% of the top 50 most relevant brands. The top four were all electronic businesses — Apple, Spotify, Android and Bose, respectively. Disney, at No. 5, was the only nontech-focused brand to make the top five.

The full report can be accessed at Prophet.com/relevantbrands-2019.

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