Hire Up: How Marina Larroudé Made the Leap From Magazine Editor to Brand Head

In our new column, Hire Up, FN checks in with new execs from companies across the industry to talk about leadership, strategy and burning industry issues.

How did Marina Larroudé make the leap from magazine editor to the head of Schutz USA?

The longtime fashion power player, who got her start in publishing, said she’s learned to never stay comfortable for too long.

Now as the former Barneys fashion director embarks on her next challenge growing Schutz — part of Alexandre Birman’s Brazilian powerhouse Arezzo & Co — Larroudé speaks out on her journey so far and the big goals for the future.

How I got here: “Baby steps, one day after the other for almost two decades. During this time, I’ve always paid attention and looked forward to getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new challenges. The minute I was too comfortable, I knew I was ready for the next challenge.”

Big goals: “To help build a household brand that is recognizable and successful globally.”

Best decision I ever made: “To move from editorial to retail, and then from retail to a brand. Either you move or life moves on you.”

Worst decision I ever made: “To accept a low salary for years early in my career.”

Career mentors: “My husband has been a consistent mentor and coach for the past 17 years we have been together. He has always pushed me. A lot of times, he saw what I wasn’t seeing yet. He was always telling me to aim high and move forward. Candy Pratts Price showed me the power of shoes and the importance of an exquisite taste. Dirk Standen and Nicole Phelps let me be creative and myself. Amy Astley taught me how to get the best out of a team. Daniella Vitale and Jennifer Sunwoo never let me settle for less than excellence.”

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