How Kith Brought Cool to Hudson Yards — Without Selling Any Streetwear at All

When New Yorkers and tourists descended on Hudson Yards, the megamall that opened on Manhattan’s West Side this past weekend, they weren’t just exposed to dozens of shopping options. They were, in fact, getting a taste of something else: cereal and ice cream from Kith Treats.

As part of Snark Park, a robust exhibit space that will rotate art installations throughout the year, Kith Treats is aiming to win over new customers and surprise existing ones.

“It’s new territory for us,” said Rachel Golden, marketing director. “It’s the first time we’re housing a Kith Treats in a different kind of establishment. There is a synergy between the Kith Treats customer and the Hudson Yards customer.”

More specifically, Golden said the immersive space — which opened with a “Lost and Found” exhibit that encourages visitors to touch and interact with the art — would appeal to versatile shoppers seeking a different kind of retail experience.

As consumers enter Snark Park, created by design firm Snarkitecture, they immediately encounter Kith Treats’ 1,000-square-foot space. The space, an offshoot of the Ronnie Fieg-founded retail chain Kith, boasts a 35-foot counter that offers roughly 16 signature specials with dozens of cereal and ice cream combinations.

Kith Treats
The retail offshoot offers dozens of cereals and ice cream combinations to Hudson Yards shoppers.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Kith Treats

Unlike the traditional Kith store, select items are for sale — namely, Kith Treats apparel, special clothing drops and Snark Park merchandise.

For Kith, it made sense to partner with Snarkitecture, according to Golden, because the two businesses have worked together before — and both Fieg and the design firm’s founder, Daniel Arsham, are friends.

“Snarkitecture is our visual design partner on all of our retail locations,” said Golden. “They understand our visions when we’re creating these spaces. And each time we do, there is a progression of that vision. This installation and space is prime example of that, too.”

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