The Most-Searched Shoes of 2019: Crocs, Controversial Sneakers and More

Google’s annual Year in Search is a revelatory peek into the people, trends and products that piqued America’s interest in the past 12 months. For the footwear industry, it’s also a snapshot of today’s buzziest brands, top collaborations and most newsworthy styles.

For 2019, Crocs’ ascendancy was cemented by the first-place performance of the brand’s twice-sold-out collaboration with country singer Luke Combs. The first style, released in June, was a wood grain-printed version of Crocs’ Classic Clogs; then, in November, they followed that up with a pair of camo-print clogs with hunting-themed Jibbitz charms and a bottle opener on the heel strap.

Farther down the most-searched list, too, was Crocs’ Post Malone partnership, the fourth edition of which sold out in minutes on Tuesday.

Sneakers, unsurprisingly, dominated the remainder of Google’s top trends: Adidas and Kanye West took second place with the much-hyped Yeezy 350 v2 sneaker, due in stores later in December, while Nike grabbed five separate slots, ranging from the $4,000 Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes,” with soles filled with holy water from the River Jordan, to the classic Air Force 1. The athletic giant’s controversial “Betsy Ross” sneaker, which it pulled in response to criticism that the early flag design on the shoe’s heel carried connotations of slavery, also made the cut.

While a Nike spokesperson told FN the company halted distribution of the shoe ahead of its Independence Day release “based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday,” that decision prompted backlash from conservative critics.

Below, see Google’s lists of most-searched shoes, celebrity style and more. Note that spellings reflect what searchers input.


Luke Combs crocs
Yeezy 350 v2
Airforce 1 shoes
Nike Air Max 720
Adidas “Game of Thrones”
Betsy Ross shoes
Jesus shoes
Post Malone crocs
Spongebob shoes
Kawhi Leonard shoes

Fashion Style

Camp style
E-girl style
E-boy style
Steampunk style
Harajuku style
Preppy style
Yankii style
Vintage style
VSCO girl style
Emo style

How to wear…

How to wear a beret
How to wear a flannel
How to wear duck boots
How to wear infinity scarf
How to wear booties with jeans
How to wear suspenders
How to wear beanies
How to wear a jean jacket
How to wear a fanny pack
How to wear a headband

Outfit Ideas

E-girl outfit
E-boy outfit
Soft girl outfit
Biker shorts outfit
VSCO girl outfit
Dickies outfit
White jeans outfit
Fila outfit
Champion outfit
Leather pants outfit

Celebrity Style

Billie Eilish style
Audrey Hepburn style
Ariana Grande style
Kylie Jenner style
Amal Clooney style
Shia LaBeouf style
Cam Newton style

Female Celebrity Looks

Tana Mongeau Coachella outfit
Serena Williams outfit
Cardi B Grammy outfit
Cardi B Yellow outfit
Josie Canseco outfit
Ivanka Trump UN outfit
Kelly Clarkson outfit on “The Voice”
Katy Perry Ursula outfit
Beyonce “Formation” outfit
Lindsey Vonn outfit

People of the Red Carpet

Billy Porter red carpet
Cardi B red carpet
Lady Gaga red carpet
Amy Schumer husband red carpet
Jenny McCarthy red carpet
BTS red carpet
Caitlyn Jenner red carpet
Richard Madden red carpet
Brie Larson red carpet
Brienne of Tarth red carpet

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