You Can Now Virtually Try On the Adidas Alphaedge 4D Running Shoe

Adidas is the latest footwear brand to utilize augmented reality in a new feature to improve the customer experience. Today, the company launched a try-on tool in its iOS mobile app in partnership with AR and computer vision platform Vyking.

The new feature is tied to Adidas’ new Alphaedge 4D running shoes and provides an opportunity for users to try on the sneakers virtually. Shoppers of the Three Stripes can visit any Alphaedge product page within the app and activate the AR feature by pointing the smartphone at their feet. This will generate an accurately rendered image of the product, scaled to fit the user’s exact foot size.

Vyking’s AR technology tracks the user’s feet in real time, with or without shoes, so they can move around and see the product from all angles. The intent is to create a more accurate testing experience than can be achieved by looking at a static product image online, without the need for the shopper to visit a physical store.

“Viewing products in 3D is already known to increase conversions, and we’re anticipating a big increase in conversions through our footwear try-on technology,” Vyking CEO Matthew Klimpke said in a statement.

While try-on technology is still new for the footwear industry, it has had success in the beauty market. L’Oreal reported that conversions increased threefold after introducing AR-supported try-on capabilities, and Klimpke believes that the footwear industry will see similar returns.

The adoption of AR try-on technology is also expected to reduce returns for retailers. Due to the technology’s ability to render accurate depictions of product styles, customers who use the feature are more likely to be certain of their choice upon purchase. Adidas has also made the feature available for a number of styles in its Originals range.

“It’s exciting to see the immediate application of our AR try-on technology in e-commerce,” Klimpke said in a statement. “We’re also waiting on the data to prove that this technology is not just for Gen Z; it’s really useful for anyone of any age who buys shoes online.”

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