With New Acquisition, Zilingo Can Help Brands Gain Deeper Insight Into Their Factory Floors

Zilingo, the fashion technology platform, will now offer its users a digital view of manufacturing through its acquisition of Sri Lankan startup nCinga. The software provides real-time monitoring of factory floors and will be rolled out to Zilingo’s 6,000 factories and 75,000 businesses.

The adoption of nCinga’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows users to capture their manufacturing ecosystem through a combination of sensors, cameras and other devices. Through this live monitoring, companies can pinpoint inefficiencies in the production process; automate actions through the digital dashboard; and generate daily reports on performance.

“What excited us about the nCinga product was their ability to dramatically improve efficiency and drive insights by digitizing the shop floor,” said Ankiti Bose, co-founder and CEO at Zilingo. “We have partnered with them for a long time and their work has been crucial to our mission of creating a transparent, sustainable, economically viable and socially responsible apparel supply chain.”

Insight into the supply chain is a common issue for footwear brands, because many products pass through several different manufacturing partners across multiple countries. This can make quality control and compliance management very difficult, which in turn may lead to waste product and revenue loss. As more companies aim to streamline their production processes and reduce their environmental impact, oversight software can be a valuable tool in delivering transparency.

Zilingo acquired nCinga for $15.5 million in a cash-and-stock deal, and will now roll out the software to its U.S., European and Australian customers. Other services in Zilingo’s suite for digital supply chain management include a database of prospective supply partners; predictive analytics; and payment services. These features are all designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of apparel and footwear’s supply chains.

“We at nCinga are very inspired by Zilingo’s vision. Both the teams align on shared values and a global ambition to make the fashion and apparel industry fair, transparent and efficient,” said Imal Kalutotage, CEO at nCinga Innovations.

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