Kickasso and Odell Beckham Jr. Exchange Sharp Words on Instagram

Sneaker artist Troy “Kickasso” Cole has created a number of eye-catching cleats for NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. on game day. Remember the Nike Mag-inspired ones or the pair boasting images of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder? However, the relationship between the two appeared to take a turn today on social media due to a potential legal scuffle.

Cole posted a series of images on Instagram today about Beckham, referencing his previous work customizing Nike cleats for the Cleveland Brown. “Only person I ever gave free work to was OBJ, and we all know how that turned out. Support me by paying or go somewhere else. The real ones will always pay the price,” Kickasso wrote.

The football player replied in the comments, writing, “Woah. That’s beyond crazy. … but I’m proud of u and forever wish u nothin but the best.”

In a subsequent post on the social media platform, Cole shared an image on Instagram of what appears to be a cease and desist letter sent to him by Davillier Law Group LLC, demanding on Beckham’s behalf that the use of the athlete’s “name, image, photograph, representation or any brands related to Mr. Beckham” immediately come to an end.

The letter went on to say, “I am aware that in the past you and Mr. Beckham had a client-vendor business relationship. Kickasso Kustoms, however, has no contractual right to use Mr. Beckham’s image, name or likeness — i.e., his “brand” — and it cannot use same to promote Kickasso Customs.”

In his caption for the post, Cole wrote, “Only cease and desist I’ve ever gotten in my 12 years of doing this is from the representatives of the guy I did the most work for. … I never did anything to deserve it. Hmmm. This isn’t from @obj himself but from his TEAM #thedirt”.

And, once again, Beckham replied.

“Crazy.😭😭 So much to say. Without a phone call or a text. And u let the world kno some false bs thru some bs social media platform. I’m [disappointed] in u bro bro. I went to war for u. Brought u directly to NIKE. It’s a shame it came to this. It’s really a shame,” the star wide receiver wrote.

When reached by FN this evening, Cole said he had no comment beyond what he posted on social media. Representatives from Nike and Beckham had not responded to inquiries as of press time.

Cole has developed a name for himself in the world of sports by creating one-of-a-kind custom footwear for star athletes. Notable players he has worked with include retired NBA great Dwyane Wade, former New York Giant (and Beckham teammate) Victor Cruz, and NFL stars Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey.

Below, Kickasso explains how he became a sneaker customizer after years of working with cars.

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